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Dental Implants Richmond
  • Reviews I can't imagine going anywhere else Reviews
  • Reviews At every stage of the procedure I felt that the whole team supported me Reviews
  • Reviews I have never felt so relaxed and at ease going to the dentist Reviews
  • Reviews I would like to thank everyone in your team for being genuine, and sincere Reviews
  • Reviews Excellent service and staff ensure that your visit is a pleasant, painless experience Reviews
  • Reviews My life has changed so much and I'm glad I have made this investment Reviews
  • Reviews The enthusiasm of the close friend who referred me is now exceeded by my own! Reviews

Dental Implants in Richmond

Our experienced implant dentists ensure that our dental implants in Richmond achieve the optimum results and satisfaction for patients. Their expertise plus the quality of our materials and technology enhance the quality of our results whether its single tooth restorations, securing loose dentures or even complex full mouth rehabilitations.

Denture replacement
Denture replacement After

Have you lost one tooth?

Even a single missing tooth can make you feel self-conscious and/or affect how you chew. With a single tooth implant, we'll place a titanium implant into the jaw, right where the gap is. It takes no longer than any other routine dental procedure. Later attaching a tooth-coloured crown will complete your smile.

Richmond Implant
Richmond Implant fixed

Have you lost multiple teeth?

If you're missing three or more teeth in a row, an implant-retained bridge is the answer. During one appointment, two or more implants are placed into the jaw where the gap is. At your next appointment a bridge containing the tooth-coloured crowns is attached and that unsightly gap is gone for good.

Missing front teeth
Front teeth implant

Have you lost all of your teeth?

If you've lost all of your teeth in your upper or lower jaw, dentures in Richmond aren't the only solution. Long-term denture use won't stop your jawbone deteriorating and your face taking on a prematurely aged appearance. Dental implants however will protect the health of your jaw. By using anywhere between just two to six implants, we can restore a full jaw of teeth, leaving you able to smile, eat, and talk with confidence.

Do you have loose dentures?

If you've already been putting up with loose dentures in Richmond for some time, you may need some preparatory work to make your jawbone strong enough to take the implants, such as bone grafts or sinus lifts. Afterwards, you'll be able to have the implants precisely placed into your jaw and after a period of healing, an over denture or bridge will be attached. It's your choice whether your over denture or bridge is permanently attached or temporarily attached, the latter giving you the option to take them out for cleaning.

Dental Implants In Richmond
Dental Implants In Richmond after

Does implant treatment hurt?

Dental implants are always placed under local anaesthetic, which ensures you are kept as comfortable as possible. However we understand that even when the pain is managed, patients may still be dealing with anxiety. That's why we do our very best to put you at ease, from explaining exactly what to expect at every stage of treatment to providing options for sedation. These include intravenous or inhalation sedation, both of which will ensure you are more relaxed and calm, while still aware of your surroundings.

Front row teeth
Front row dentures in Richmond

How long does implant treatment take?

This varies considerably depending on each individual case, with some patients needing preparatory work first. In general, once the implants are placed, time for healing is needed, after which replacement crowns can be fitted. The final stage of treatment – fitting of the crowns – usually occurs three to nine months after the implants are placed.

Single Tooth Implant
Single Tooth Implant
Let us help

If you have any questions about dental implants in Richmond, use the form in the top right hand corner of this page to personally ask Dr Harmit Kalsi; we aim to respond to you within 24 hours.

If you decide you'd like to take the next step, we can book you in for a consultation with Dr Kalsi, who will carry out a thorough assessment of your oral health and take a dental and medical history, to ensure we provide the highest standards of treatment to suit your particular needs.

See what we can do

Our successful results with dental implants in Richmond can be seen by viewing our Smile Gallery or by reading our Testimonials from patients.

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Sheen Dental Implants In Richmond£Richmond020 8876 5277Sheen Dental Implants

Beyond the exceptional professional care I received at Sheen Dental, my thanks extends to the entire staff.

With gentle manners and engaging personality, Dr Kalsi eagerly answered whatever questions I raised about my problem, and explained procedures for each with great patience and clarity. Further, they have given generously of their time and talents. The rest of the delightful team, including those who manage the office, the hygienist and the dental assistants consistently demonstrate great concern for my needs and my comfort.

It is a traditional and cheerful place that I am happy to visit, which, several years ago, I would never had said about a dental practice. The enthusiasm of the close friend who referred me is now exceeded by my own!

Sheen Dental Implants In Richmond£Richmond020 8876 5277Sheen Dental Implants

When I moved to Richmond I needed to find a dentist who could place implants. I am a very nervous patient and was worried about the whole process of implants. I needn't have worried as from my first visit all the staff made me feel welcome, kept me informed and managed my appointments well. At every stage of the procedure I felt that the whole team supported me.

The next step is to have implants placed on the other side of my mouth. I am really looking forward to eating normally again soon.