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Dental Implants in Richmond

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Dr Kalsi will prepare a bespoke written treatment plan focusing on your desired objectives. This will include detailed options and costs for one or more of our implant services


Every patient is unique and some may require initial preparatory work to ensure the best outcomes. Some cases may be suitable to proceed straight to implant placement which is usually followed by a period of two weeks for soft tissue healing.


Time is allowed for implants to fuse with the bone – a process called osseointergration. It will vary depending on the bone conditions and usually over 2-6 months the implant will fuse with the bone and become solid. During this period an adhesive bridge or removable denture is used to fill the gap.


The final teeth are then fitted between 3 and 9 months after the implant placement.


Once your implant treatment is completed it is essential to take extra care of your natural teeth and gums so they remain healthy and free of decay or gum disease. Your implant will need to be looked after as if it is a natural tooth as infections can arise if not maintained correctly. With the help of our team you will be guided on how to best look after your teeth and implants so you can enjoy your new smile for years to come.

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