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All Your Teeth Implants in Richmond

At every stage of the procedure I felt that the whole team supported me
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Do you have no teeth at all in your upper or lower jaw?

Do you know you don't have to wear dentures for the rest of your life?

When you lose your natural teeth your jaw bone and surrounding tissue start to resorb or disappear over time, which means dentures won't always fit properly, the structure of your face will also change, giving your mouth a shrunken appearance.

As few as two implants can be enough to provide a firm base for a full denture. A bridge can be fixed on four to six implants. This will give you a high degree of security in every situation because nothing can come loose un-expectedly. No more embarrassing surprises.

For patients with many missing teeth some bone grafting and sinus lifts may be required before the implants can be placed. After precise planning the implants are placed in the jaw at one appointment. During the healing process they become fused to the bone, becoming an integral component of the jaw. Once the implants are firmly integrated the full over denture or bridge can be fixed in place.

The over denture / bridge can be made so that its easily removed for cleaning and just as easily replaced after cleaning. If you wish, your over denture / bridge can be permanently attached to the implants.

You will be able to eat, talk and laugh with your implant – borne third set of teeth as if they were your second. You will have perfectly natural security that is very difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional prosthetics.

Dr Kalsi and his team are highly experienced in placing dental implants. We look forward to making you smile once again. Call us today to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our treatment co-ordinators.

" Very easy process and accommodating of my irregular university timetables. Very nice dentist. Very happy with my lovely straight teeth. "

- Hamish Andrew Chandler -

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