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Bone Expansion

Patients who require dental implant treatment may not always have adequate jaw bone density or width needed for implants to be placed. The better the bone density and width the more stable the dental implants will be, ensuring their longevity. Fortunately, a number of techniques have been developed that can strengthen the implant site before the surgery takes place. One such method is bone expansion. This advanced surgical procedure is designed to expand the area in the jaw where an implant needs to be placed by using a series of instruments. These instruments carefully expand the walls of the bone that form the prospective implant site, such as in the front of the upper jaw, for example. A small hole is first drilled though the centre of the selected area, which is then filled with bone or an implant can be immediately inserted into the space. The enlarged surface area created allows for a firm foundation into which an implant can be placed.

Depending on the available jaw bone, a bone graft may be done in conjunction with the bone expansion procedure.

Bone expansion is a safe and effective strategy that allows predictable long-term results of implant treatment.