A new-found freedom

People have always lost teeth. For millennia, mankind has been on a quest to replace them in order be able to eat and speak properly again. Archaeologists have found human remains of people with denture-like fixtures in their mouths that go back to the Etruscans in 700BC. But even though humans have been wearing dentures ever since, it is only in the last couple of decades that we have found a way to stop them wobbling about in our mouths or popping out entirely at the most inappropriate moments. Now you can get your dentures in Richmond stabilised by fixing them to dental implants.

Dentures in RichmondAt Sheen Dental Implants, giving people implant-retained dentures in Richmond gives us a great deal of pleasure. We get to see people who have put up with the hassle, inconvenience and downright embarrassment of dentures that won’t behave themselves rediscover the pleasures of eating what they like and laughing without worrying about dentures sliding around or falling out.

How we stabilise your dentures in Richmond

You come to us and we can customise your current dentures, or you can get a new set made. We add special fixtures to the undersides of them and these attach to the dental implants.

We put 2-6 dental implants into your jaws. This involves minor oral surgery that can easily be performed under a local anaesthetic as there are far fewer nerve endings in the jaw than in the teeth. We cut a flap in the gum and carefully drill an artificial socket into the bone into which we screw an implant. Sometimes we can also use mini implants that go straight through the gum.

We leave the implants to fuse with the bone. This can take several weeks to a few months and is a vital part of the process. After that we can attach your dentures to the implants.

You can still take your dentures out to clean them and to rest your gums at night, but you will find you can eat what you want and have your freedom back when it comes to talking and laughing.