Dental Implants

I have missing teeth

Missing teeth are a common dental problem that many people face and sometimes, and are unsure of what to do to achieve the best results. If you have a missing tooth, have several missing teeth or even if you have lost the entire set and don’t feel very conscious about your smile. You may find yourself hiding behind your hand or refusing to smile. If this sounds like you then you may be interested to find out about dental implants and how they could complete your smile again. You should read onto the next section to read more about dental implants and what they could do for your smile.


Do I need dental implants?

Dental implants are specially designed to allow you to sculpt your complete smile again. If you have missing teeth then you may want to remedy this through the use of this treatment. Taking care of the gaps in your smile can allow you to impact the overall health of your smile. The implants can allow you to prevent issues with the structural integrity of the face. The implants can also allow you to eat and chew with confidence. Having a complete smile again can give this the self confidence that you have missed. If this treatment sounds like the one for you, you should read on to see how these implants are fitted.

How are the implants fitted?

Dental implants Richmond are fitted in a highly specific manner by a highly trained professional. The implant itself is a small titanium screw that is fitted at the jawbone. The implant is fitted and given time to heal. Blood vessels and gums are encouraged to grow around the implant. This provides an anchor for the new crown, bridge or denture that will be fitted on top. Patients can be assured that they are in capable hands when getting this treatment. You will be well looked after and your pain will be managed. If this sounds like a treatment for you, then you should read on to the next section to discover how you can care for your new implants.

How do I care for the implants?

Dental implants Richmond are designed to look, act and feel like the natural teeth that you have lost. The implants can last a lifetime if they are cared for in the proper way. Caring for your new implants can be done so in the same way of looking after natural teeth. Your dentist will work with you to ensure that you fully understand how to care for your smile to ensure your overall dental health is kept in top condition. If this sounds like the right move for you and your smile, then you should read on to the next section to see how you can go about getting these implants.

What should I do next?

If you think that Dental implants Richmond could be a good fit for you then you should consider getting in contact with us here at Sheen Dental. We can then begin to put measures in place to allow you to sculpt the smile that you always wished you had. You could also have a look at the website to read more about the treatment that is offered. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you achieve your smile goals.

What is a Dental Implant?

We understand that patients who have lost a tooth, several teeth or unfortunately their entire set, can often feel self-conscious. We know that you might feel uneasy when you smile or talk, so it might be that you want to look into a treatment that can rectify the gap in your smile. The fitting of a dental implant Richmond can help you find your smile again. A gap in the smile can affect the alignment of your teeth, which can lead to health problems. This treatment has been specially designed to allow patients to fix their smile and improve their overall oral health. This treatment is often people’s go to, to solve an issue with their smile. The implant can make a smile complete and be done in a safe and invisible way. This article will run through how an implant is fitted and what the benefits of an implant could be. Patients can use this article to determine if this treatment is for you.


How is the implant fitted?

A dental implant Richmond is a small titanium implant that is fitted by a trained dentist who will place the implant at the jaw. The implant is fitted where the gap was left, placed into the jaw where the gap is. This usually does not take too much time, people consider this treatment to be no more painful than usual dental work we all undergo. Once the implant has been fitted the surrounding gum and blood vessels are given time to heal and incorporate the implant. Once the site has been healed then a new crown, bridge or denture is fitted on top of the implant. This will be carefully marched to the surrounding teeth to ensure that your smile looks and feels as natural as possible. Patients are encouraged to work with their dentist to ensure that they understand fully how to care for their smile both during and after the treatment. Your dentist will be on hand to ensure that you get the help that you need. If this sounds like a treatment that you could benefit from, then you should read on to see what the benefits of this treatment are.

What are the benefits of a dental implant?

There are many different benefits of using a dental implant Richmond. Patients who have had this treatment have been impressed by the results of this treatment. You may see this treatment as a long term investment into your smile. Utilising the dental implants as a treatment can prevent you from having to make short term fixes to your smile. A dental implant looks, acts and feels like a natural tooth. The long lasting nature of this treatment can allow you to maintain the structure of your face. This treatment can prevent a loss of bone dentistry. The treatment will not affect the surrounding teeth and therefore will ensure you can continue to eat and drink all of your favourite things. If you think that this treatment could be the one for you, then you should consider getting in touch with us so we can begin to assist you with achieving your smile goals.

Can I get dental implants in Richmond?

If you are looking for a long-term way to improve your smile, then getting a dental implant Richmond could be a great option for you. This treatment is very useful if you have missing teeth, as they can be replaced by natural-looking porcelain implants.


What’s the process?

As with any dental treatment, we will first have a consultation meeting with you to discuss the treatment, and to allow us to examine your teeth to make sure you are eligible. When you have this treatment, it is important that you still have enough bone left in the problem area to hold the implant post.

If all goes well in the consultation appointment and you are eligible for the treatment, we will arrange your first surgical appointment with us. This appointment will involve us opening up your gum to expose the bone, and inserting the implant post. We will then reclose the area so the implant post is hidden, and leave it to heal for a few months. This healing process is essential as it allows the implant post to fuse to the surrounding bone, which really helps to keep your dental implant Richmond stable.

Once the post has successfully fused to your bone, you will revisit us so we can attach the crown. The crown is the piece that is fastened to the implant post through a connector and will look just like a natural tooth. This is when you will really notice the difference in the look of your mouth, and can enjoy your new smile.

Here at Sheen Dental, we take pride in ensuring that our patients teeth look and feel as good as possible. We understand that it can be nerve wracking having surgery done, and we will make sure you feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible when you arrive at our dental practice.

What are the advantages?

There are so many great benefits that come with having a dental implant Richmond, for both looks and health. Our patients walk away with healthier teeth and a happier smile after having this treatment, and your implants can last for up to 20 years with the right care, so it’s very worthwhile.

The main benefit that our patients enjoy is how natural their implants look, and a big part of this is down to the material that is used. Porcelain has many benefits when it comes to implants, such as the fact that it is stain-resistant, the colour can be easily altered and it is durable.

The ease of caring for these prosthetics is also a big reason that our patients love our dental implants. All you have to do to take care of them is the same as anyone else would with their natural teeth, by brushing and flossing regularly, and having dental check-ups.

The health benefits that come with having implants is also a huge factor, and this is due to the support it gives to the surrounding bone and teeth. When you have gaps in your teeth, this can cause the bone around it to weaken and eventually degrade, and can put pressure on the teeth around it as well. By having the implants in, it bone growth is encouraged and there is added support for the other teeth surrounding it.

Could dental implants improve your smile?

Losing teeth can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. At Sheen Dental Implants we endeavour to replace your missing teeth, whether it is just the one tooth or all of them, with comfortable, natural looking teeth that you can be proud of. When you make the decision to get dental implants in Richmond you will be guided through the entire process by one of our dental professionals. At your free consultation appointment they will carry out an in-depth assessment of your mouth to decide which treatment is most suited to your individual circumstances.


What types of treatment are there?

It is a common misconception that dental implants in Richmond can only be used to replace a full set of teeth. Contrary to this, you can have implants to replace just one tooth or several teeth, with some people opting for implants because their dentures persistently come loose or are just not comfortable. How many implants you need will depend on how many teeth you are having replaced, but you will not always require one implant per tooth as they are capable of supporting multiple teeth.

This type of treatment is usually carried out in two parts. During the first part of your treatment you will have a small titanium screw inserted into your jawbone. This acts as the root for your new tooth and will continue to stimulate your jawbone in the same way that your original tooth or teeth did, preventing it from disintegrating slowly over time. Multiple screws will be inserted for those people who need to have a few or an entire set of teeth replaced, but the amount can vary depending on each individual’s situation.

After your mouth has healed from having the implants inserted you will return to our practice to complete your smile. For singular tooth replacements a crown will be attached to your implant, whilst bridges and half or full dentures will be used to replace multiple teeth and entire sets. A bridge can be used for missing teeth that are either side of an original tooth as well as for several teeth that are missing directly next to each other.

Why implants?

When your teeth fall out your jawbone is no longer stimulated. This means that over time it can disintegrate and change the shape of your face, resulting in premature aging. Implants can prevent this from happening by ensuring that your jawbone remains stimulated, as they trick your body into thinking that they are real teeth.

Whilst dental implants in Richmond are not usually available on the NHS, there are several reasons why our patients opt to have them over traditional dentures. They are fixed into your jawbone, meaning that you can eat and chew whatever foods you wish to, wherever you are, without worrying that your teeth will come loose or fall out. In addition to this, implants are made to specifically feel like your original teeth, resulting in optimum comfort and a natural looking smile.

For more information on how we carry out implant procedures here at Sheen Dental, please take a look at our website or give us a call with any questions that you have.

Should you invest in dental implants Richmond?

If you have lost a single tooth because of an accident, this can be a devastating situation. Your confidence can take a tumble and never before were you acutely aware of how important having a full set of teeth is, not only for appearance, but for functionality as well.


Thankfully, there are a few different options available to those people who have an otherwise healthy smile, the most effective and popular being dental implants Richmond. This is because this treatment is long lasting and durable, lasting several decades or more, meaning that if your avulsed tooth occurred at a younger age, you do not need to prepare yourself for repeat treatments as you get older, unlike other methods of replacement where the prostheses deteriorate with age.

If you have lost multiple teeth, either from an accident or due to a health issue, then this also can be a devastating situation. Some people at this stage start to wonder the point in caring for their smile and this can be a slippery downhill slope. There are solutions with dental implants Richmond which can restore your smile to full functionality again, creating a strong bite once more and one that you can rely on.

As you can see, investing in dental implants Richmond is an option for all kinds of people who have lost one, some or even all of their teeth. The core procedure remains the same, but the application can be a bespoke kind, offering a unique way to ensure that your dental situation is treated appropriately and letting your beautiful smile shine forth once again.

How does it work?

When we speak of the core procedure, this consists of a titanium metal spoke which is drilled directly into the jawbone to create a stable and secure bond on which a single crown, a bridge or even complete dentures can be secured.

The reason that we use titanium as our material is because it is known to bond with bone, which enables us to guarantee many decades of use. Over time, your implant becomes one with your body and effectively replaces a tooth root as closely as we are able to, reducing the other negative impacts which are associated with tooth loss.

What are these other impacts we speak of?

Unfortunately, once we lose our teeth, for whatever reason, the jawbone is no longer stimulated as it should be and as a result, it begins to degrade over time. This jawbone loss is responsible for premature ageing in the face, causing your cheeks to appear sunken and drawn. Furthermore, it weakens the hold of your other teeth in your jaw and begins to be the cause of more complications.

It is a natural occurrence; however, by using this procedure and even adding some synthetic or animal tissue to restore what has been lost, in case too much has degraded before the treatment has occurred, then we are able to hold off this degradation and allow you stronger, healthier and functional teeth for longer.

Getting dental implants in Richmond for a single tooth

In our modern world, we often don’t have that much time to spend on our appearance. While we can spend a decent amount of time each day in front of the mirror making sure that we look good and presentable to the outside world, it is often too difficult or time consuming to make many radical changes to our appearance even if we’d like to. This presents a problem for many people, especially those of us who may feel insecure about the way we look in some way. It is quite common for people to have some level of insecurity about the way that they look, and this insecurity can arise for a number of different reasons. While many people may have a bit of insecurity about their appearance for arguably small reasons, such as having small blemishes or marks on their face, there are also a good number of us who feel unhappy with our appearance for arguably more noticeable reasons.


One such reason that some of us may have experienced is losing a tooth. Losing one or many teeth is something that can happen for a variety of reasons, including tooth decay and suffering an accident which damages the teeth. It can leave us with a noticeable gap in our smile and can affect our ability to chew, as well as the overall look and feel of our face. Both for cosmetic and health reasons, it is important to look for treatment for a missing tooth. Treatment will vary based on your specific needs, but one really good option for treatment is getting dental implants in Richmond. Dental implants in Richmond can be used to replace a missing tooth and restore a lot of the structure to a face and mouth that has lost a tooth. This article will go through some of the specifics that are involved with receiving this treatment in more detail. In addition, we’ll also take a look at a professional and reliable provider of dental implants in Richmond.

Getting any sort of dental treatment can be a nervous process for any of us. After all, you need to place a considerable amount of trust in your dentist as it is your own mouth that they will be working on! But never fear, because here at Sheen Dental, we are a trustworthy dental practice that you can rely on. We always ensure to treat all of our patients with the utmost respect, and we are confident that we can answer any questions or concerns you have about any of your dental needs.

How they work and how they are applied

Dental implants in Richmond are small screws that are made out of titanium. To begin the process of replacing a broken or missing tooth, one of these screws is placed into the gap in the gums where the broken/missing tooth used to be. After the screw has been implanted, it needs some time to properly fuse with the jawbone around it. Once this is done, a tooth coloured crown can be permanently fitted on top of the screw which will look, act and feel just like a regular tooth. While waiting for the screw to fuse with the bone, a temporary restoration can be used to fill the gap between teeth. This new tooth will stimulate the bone as the patient uses it and will function and feel the same as a natural tooth. The process can also be used to stabilise dentures and bridges.

Think that dental implants are simply cosmetic? 5 health advantages of oral implants

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, it is easy to assume that it is all about improving the appearance of your teeth.


However, many cosmetic dental treatments offer far more than a whiter, straighter smile; for instance, dental veneers will whiten your teeth while covering chips or cracks, but they also reduce sensitivity by covering any holes which may cause discomfort. In a similar vein, having oral implants fitted offers far more than a more permanent way to restore lost teeth.

Of course, if you are interested in having oral implants fitted, it is likely that you have lost a tooth or teeth and are looking for a more natural way to restore your smile. And, while dentures or fitted bridges are always an option, oral implants offer more structural stability, no movement and of course, there is no risk of putting them down and losing them!

Our team at Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond are proud to be able to offer suitable patients this cosmetic option; as our name suggests, we know all there is to know about oral implants and can help you to restore your smile to its former glory. So what else can we tell you?

Back to the initial point; what are some of the health benefits of coming to us for dental implants in Richmond at Sheen Dental Implants?

More varied diet

When you have missing teeth in your mouth, it is undoubtedly harder to bite into and to chew harder foods.

Even with dentures and extremely sticky dental adhesive, you may struggle to take a bite out of an apple or to chew on cashews. When you come to us for dental implants in Richmond the stability they give you will allow you to bite into apples, chew a whole range of nuts and even eat corn on the cob. A varied diet is a healthy diet!

Better digestion

It is easy to forget that our teeth aid in our digestive process; if you have gaps in your teeth, it is unlikely that you are chewing your food correctly, resulting in issues like acid reflux. With implants, you will be able to chew your food correctly and thoroughly, resulting in better digestion.

Bone regrowth

Lost a single tooth? An implant will prevent your jawbone receding and causing your surrounding teeth to move unexpectedly. As implants are fitted into the jaw, the bone has to fuse and grow around them, restoring the jawbone and supporting surrounding teeth.

Lowered risk of tooth decay

If you have gaps, natural teeth are more exposed to bacteria and, as few people brush areas where there are no teeth, this can lead to plaque accumulation and tooth decay.

With implants, the gap is filled and the natural teeth are shielded from bacteria.

Reduced risk of gum disease

Exposed gums are also a magnet for bacteria. As gums are rarely brushed, accumulated bacteria can lead to inflammation and gum disease. When dental implants in Richmond are fitted, the gums are not exposed and so, your chances of periodontal disease are reduced.

Could I use Dental Implants?

You could benefit from the service of Dental Implants in Richmond if you have missing teeth or a singular missing tooth. This treatment is a small titanium screw that is fitted directly and the jaw and provides a stable structure where a new tooth can be fitted. It can become important to care for any gaps in the smile as this can lead to further problems with your oral health. If you have a missing tooth the surrounding teeth can begin to move into the gap and this can have an effect on the structure of the mouth and face. Gaps can also be a place that allows infections to develop at a faster rate and this can have an impact on your oral health and give rise to a risk of periodontal disease and further tooth loss linked with decay. The rest of this article will discuss how dental implants are fitted and what you should do next should you decide this treatment is for you allowing you to have a smile that is whole again.


How are they fitted?

The new tooth that is fitted on top of the implant is determined by the nature of tooth loss. If you have lost a single tooth after the treatment of Dental Implants in Richmond could see the application of a crown as the best fit for your mouth. This crown will be fitted on top of the implant to give the look of a natural tooth. If you have lost multiple teeth then this can be fixed with the implants being fitted with a bridge. This bridge is made up of crowns and they are tooth coloured to give a natural look and remove any gaps in your smile. This treatment can also be used as an alternative to traditional dentures with the implants providing a stable structure which will allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence again. The implants are usually fitted in two separate stages, the implant is first fitted at the site of the jaw and given sufficient time to heal. Then the chosen crown, bridge or denture will be fitted allowing you to smile again.

What should I do next?

If you think that you and your smile could benefit from Dental Implants in Richmond then you should consider getting in touch with us here at Sheen Dental so we can begin to work with you to give you a complete smile again. We will make every effort to ensure that you get the highest quality of care and the best standard of service. We take the time to get to know our patients so we can best support them in their dental endeavours. You could also have a look at our website to read in more detail about the treatment that you have chosen. Our dentists are always on hand to ensure that you get the treatment and advice that you need. Our dentists will advise you on the best treatments for your smile and advise you on how best to look after your teeth to ensure that they last a lifetime. 

Your top questions on dental implants answered

At Sheen Dental Implants we believe that the best place from which to make an informed decision about a dental treatment is being armed with all relevant facts. It is only through the process of asking select questions that patients can receive information that will help them decide on the best course of treatment for their situation, especially in reference to dental implants in Richmond. Dental implants in Richmond have become the gold standard for the permanent replacement of lost or missing adult teeth. Dental implants in Richmond are a preferred method over bridges and dentures because of how much they resemble the look of natural teeth and of course, the very rare likelihood of the implant falling out is another highly desirable plus point; although implant failure can happen in certain situations, especially if not looked after properly.


Essential questions to put on your list when considering dental implants

Do I qualify as a suitable candidate for dental implants?

Patients do not automatically qualify to receive artificial teeth replacement implants, as a dentist has to first make sure a few basic conditions are met, such as gum health.

Do you have any special training in dental implants?

It may come as a surprise to patients, but not every dental practitioner receives training in this particular area of dentistry so it is a worthwhile question to ask. Not only can the treatment process be costly when compared to other traditional types of teeth replacement devices, but the dental practitioner needs specific knowledge and training in the placement of implants for the treatment to be a success.

What exactly will be covered (in terms of cost) during the procedure?

Before committing to a treatment plan it is crucial that patients fully understand what the financial costs will be. In terms of artificial teeth replacement implants, there are the implant procedure costs to consider and then there is the implant itself (abutment and crown). It is important to clarify if the quote provided covers one or both, so as not to be surprised by any ‘extra costs’.

What type of sedation dentistry do you offer?

An important question not to miss is enquiring about what type of sedation you can expect to receive, as there can be more than one type used and each technique has its own set of pros and cons.

How should I maintain my implants?

Having permanent artificial tooth replacement implants inserted into your gum line does not mean less responsibility when it comes to your oral care responsibilities at home. While the abutment or metal root is not natural or at risk of decay, it is supported by gum and jawbone which have to be maintained in a healthy condition. Fail to look after your dental health and you risk developing periodontal disease which would place the success of the implant in question.

Next to sourcing information is getting answers from a reliable source such as our trained and experienced dental practitioners at Sheen Dental Implants. We welcome any questions our patients have and will work with them to find the most suitable treatment plan that will secure their dental health.

What to expect from dental implants in Richmond

Apart from leaving you with a transformative smile and considerably improved oral health, no two experiences with dental implants in Richmond are identical. The road to obtaining tooth implants can be complex where several factors must be considered.

dental implants-richmond

Our implant team at Sheen Dental Implants stop at nothing to make your dream of a desirable smile come true. However, there might be some obstacles along the way. In this article, we’ll discuss these issues, along with methods of addressing them, so that you can boast a full set of pearly whites in the future.

Ask yourself, why do you need dental implants in Richmond?

Have you suffered a mouth trauma that has left you with one less tooth or do the significant gaps in your mouth speak of major tooth loss resulting from a serious accident or a lifetime of neglect? Loose dentures that need to be securely anchored into your bone are another reason people opt for implants. The reasons why people consider implants vary, and depending on the severity of the dental issue, the nature and complexity of treatments differ.

For example, one single tooth implant requires a far more straightforward implant procedure than if you were to repair an entire row or a full set of teeth.

What are some potential issues?

Along the way, you might face setbacks that threaten or delay obtaining implants. For example, specific illnesses or conditions that lower the chances of successful implantation.

One common problem individuals face can be unhealthy gums. Periodontitis is a widespread gum condition that must first be treated before implant surgery is possible. Gingivitis is a gum infection in its early stages that can be treated with a professional deep clean by our local dentist. At the same time, periodontitis is more progressive and therefore requires more extensive treatment, including antibiotics or possible surgery.

Without remedying your gum condition, your implants will not take.

Another widespread issue people face is bone degeneration, which typically afflicts people who lose teeth and don’t seek out methods of restoration immediately, or long-term denture wearers.

Over time, the bone underneath your lost tooth or teeth becomes brittle due to a lack of stimulation, resulting in bone absorption, which often leads to further tooth loss. You might have to undergo bone grafts to be considered a viable candidate for implants, which entails transplanting bone from other parts of your body to your mouth.

Are dental implants classified as a quick fix?

If you’re hoping to flash a perfect smile for a special occasion, start planning months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Anyone wanting implants needs patience, because you could be waiting between three to nine months before flaunting newly acquired pearly whites, and that’s if you don’t have to undergo repair work before you’re deemed healthy enough for the implant procedure.

What are some complications I could face?

Not everyone experiences nasty side effects. However, they can occur in rare instances, which include but are not limited to implant movement once it’s been drilled into place, infections, and possibly nerve damage at the treated site.

How do you know if implantation has been unsuccessful?

Signs of a failed implant can include pus, pain or a loose implant.