Dental Implants

Could I use Dental Implants?

You could benefit from the service of Dental Implants in Richmond if you have missing teeth or a singular missing tooth. This treatment is a small titanium screw that is fitted directly and the jaw and provides a stable structure where a new tooth can be fitted. It can become important to care for any gaps in the smile as this can lead to further problems with your oral health. If you have a missing tooth the surrounding teeth can begin to move into the gap and this can have an effect on the structure of the mouth and face. Gaps can also be a place that allows infections to develop at a faster rate and this can have an impact on your oral health and give rise to a risk of periodontal disease and further tooth loss linked with decay. The rest of this article will discuss how dental implants are fitted and what you should do next should you decide this treatment is for you allowing you to have a smile that is whole again.


How are they fitted?

The new tooth that is fitted on top of the implant is determined by the nature of tooth loss. If you have lost a single tooth after the treatment of Dental Implants in Richmond could see the application of a crown as the best fit for your mouth. This crown will be fitted on top of the implant to give the look of a natural tooth. If you have lost multiple teeth then this can be fixed with the implants being fitted with a bridge. This bridge is made up of crowns and they are tooth coloured to give a natural look and remove any gaps in your smile. This treatment can also be used as an alternative to traditional dentures with the implants providing a stable structure which will allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence again. The implants are usually fitted in two separate stages, the implant is first fitted at the site of the jaw and given sufficient time to heal. Then the chosen crown, bridge or denture will be fitted allowing you to smile again.

What should I do next?

If you think that you and your smile could benefit from Dental Implants in Richmond then you should consider getting in touch with us here at Sheen Dental so we can begin to work with you to give you a complete smile again. We will make every effort to ensure that you get the highest quality of care and the best standard of service. We take the time to get to know our patients so we can best support them in their dental endeavours. You could also have a look at our website to read in more detail about the treatment that you have chosen. Our dentists are always on hand to ensure that you get the treatment and advice that you need. Our dentists will advise you on the best treatments for your smile and advise you on how best to look after your teeth to ensure that they last a lifetime. 

Your top questions on dental implants answered

At Sheen Dental Implants we believe that the best place from which to make an informed decision about a dental treatment is being armed with all relevant facts. It is only through the process of asking select questions that patients can receive information that will help them decide on the best course of treatment for their situation, especially in reference to dental implants in Richmond. Dental implants in Richmond have become the gold standard for the permanent replacement of lost or missing adult teeth. Dental implants in Richmond are a preferred method over bridges and dentures because of how much they resemble the look of natural teeth and of course, the very rare likelihood of the implant falling out is another highly desirable plus point; although implant failure can happen in certain situations, especially if not looked after properly.


Essential questions to put on your list when considering dental implants

Do I qualify as a suitable candidate for dental implants?

Patients do not automatically qualify to receive artificial teeth replacement implants, as a dentist has to first make sure a few basic conditions are met, such as gum health.

Do you have any special training in dental implants?

It may come as a surprise to patients, but not every dental practitioner receives training in this particular area of dentistry so it is a worthwhile question to ask. Not only can the treatment process be costly when compared to other traditional types of teeth replacement devices, but the dental practitioner needs specific knowledge and training in the placement of implants for the treatment to be a success.

What exactly will be covered (in terms of cost) during the procedure?

Before committing to a treatment plan it is crucial that patients fully understand what the financial costs will be. In terms of artificial teeth replacement implants, there are the implant procedure costs to consider and then there is the implant itself (abutment and crown). It is important to clarify if the quote provided covers one or both, so as not to be surprised by any ‘extra costs’.

What type of sedation dentistry do you offer?

An important question not to miss is enquiring about what type of sedation you can expect to receive, as there can be more than one type used and each technique has its own set of pros and cons.

How should I maintain my implants?

Having permanent artificial tooth replacement implants inserted into your gum line does not mean less responsibility when it comes to your oral care responsibilities at home. While the abutment or metal root is not natural or at risk of decay, it is supported by gum and jawbone which have to be maintained in a healthy condition. Fail to look after your dental health and you risk developing periodontal disease which would place the success of the implant in question.

Next to sourcing information is getting answers from a reliable source such as our trained and experienced dental practitioners at Sheen Dental Implants. We welcome any questions our patients have and will work with them to find the most suitable treatment plan that will secure their dental health.

What to expect from dental implants in Richmond

Apart from leaving you with a transformative smile and considerably improved oral health, no two experiences with dental implants in Richmond are identical. The road to obtaining tooth implants can be complex where several factors must be considered.

dental implants-richmond

Our implant team at Sheen Dental Implants stop at nothing to make your dream of a desirable smile come true. However, there might be some obstacles along the way. In this article, we’ll discuss these issues, along with methods of addressing them, so that you can boast a full set of pearly whites in the future.

Ask yourself, why do you need dental implants in Richmond?

Have you suffered a mouth trauma that has left you with one less tooth or do the significant gaps in your mouth speak of major tooth loss resulting from a serious accident or a lifetime of neglect? Loose dentures that need to be securely anchored into your bone are another reason people opt for implants. The reasons why people consider implants vary, and depending on the severity of the dental issue, the nature and complexity of treatments differ.

For example, one single tooth implant requires a far more straightforward implant procedure than if you were to repair an entire row or a full set of teeth.

What are some potential issues?

Along the way, you might face setbacks that threaten or delay obtaining implants. For example, specific illnesses or conditions that lower the chances of successful implantation.

One common problem individuals face can be unhealthy gums. Periodontitis is a widespread gum condition that must first be treated before implant surgery is possible. Gingivitis is a gum infection in its early stages that can be treated with a professional deep clean by our local dentist. At the same time, periodontitis is more progressive and therefore requires more extensive treatment, including antibiotics or possible surgery.

Without remedying your gum condition, your implants will not take.

Another widespread issue people face is bone degeneration, which typically afflicts people who lose teeth and don’t seek out methods of restoration immediately, or long-term denture wearers.

Over time, the bone underneath your lost tooth or teeth becomes brittle due to a lack of stimulation, resulting in bone absorption, which often leads to further tooth loss. You might have to undergo bone grafts to be considered a viable candidate for implants, which entails transplanting bone from other parts of your body to your mouth.

Are dental implants classified as a quick fix?

If you’re hoping to flash a perfect smile for a special occasion, start planning months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Anyone wanting implants needs patience, because you could be waiting between three to nine months before flaunting newly acquired pearly whites, and that’s if you don’t have to undergo repair work before you’re deemed healthy enough for the implant procedure.

What are some complications I could face?

Not everyone experiences nasty side effects. However, they can occur in rare instances, which include but are not limited to implant movement once it’s been drilled into place, infections, and possibly nerve damage at the treated site.

How do you know if implantation has been unsuccessful?

Signs of a failed implant can include pus, pain or a loose implant.

What type of dental implants in Richmond are there?

Dental implants in Richmond are one of the many ways to restore your smile. Whether you have lost one or several teeth through poor oral hygiene, a dental complication, or an accident, dental implants in Richmond are an often reliable and long-lasting solution to missing teeth. If you are interested to find out how dental implants in Richmond could help you, contact us at your earliest convenience and one of our experts would be happy to arrange a consultation.


The different types of implants

There are three main types of implants that can be used for an attachment during a procedure, which is often decided based on the amount of jawbone the patient has. Endosteal implants are one of the more popular types and are fixed into the jawbone to recreate the hold of a natural tooth root. Zygomatic implants are used when a patient is lacking a substantial amount of healthy jawbone and the cheekbone is used instead to act as a base for the implants, rather than the jaw. Subperiosteal is the third kind of implant and is suitable for patients whose jawbone cannot embrace an endosteal implant.

Which implant is the most popular?

Endosteal implants are used in the majority of cases because the procedure is the simplest. If the jawbone is unable to support an implant, subperiosteal implants would be used instead, which involves attaching the supports underneath the gum instead of in the jawbone. Whilst these two methods are difficult to distinguish between for patients, zygomatic implants involve a complex procedure that is often avoided by dentists unless absolutely necessary.

How are they connected?

Once the type of implant has been determined, a dentist must then choose an appropriate connect method for the patient. The screw fix dental method is easier to maintain because they can be removed by a dentist if necessary. Dental cemented implants on the other hand are permanent and therefore cannot be removed. They do require a higher level of maintenance but are strong and reliable.

How big are the implants?

The width of the length of the metal rods used is determined by the bone density and depth of the patient’s jawbone. This ensures that there is enough surface area contact for the implant to fit comfortably with enough room between the teeth.

Do you have a say in your implants?

Your dentist will have extensive knowledge when it comes to choosing the appropriate implant for you but that is not to say you don’t have a say. If you want to take charge and choose your type of implant, you should do so with the guidance of your dentist to ensure they will work. One thing to consider is whether you are comfortable with the length of time the procedure may take (it can take up to 8 months). Secondly, you should always consider the complications your dentist raises with you in terms of your chosen implant. Next, the appearance and functionality of the implants should be well-thought-out, as well as the level of maintenance that is required for aftercare.

Why choose Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond?

Individuals who are considering replacing their missing teeth through the means of restorative dentistry may be comparing many dental clinics within the local area, however we believe we are an excellent choice.


What makes us unique?

Our dental healthcare professionals are a specialist team with many years of experience in the field of implant dentistry, ensuring we are fully equipped to deal with implant cases of all complexities from one single implant to a whole mouth of missing teeth! In addition to our fully qualified team we adopt a patient-centred dental approach which makes us both a friendly and professional clinic.

What are the benefits of receiving implants with Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond?

Despite many patients overlooking their missing teeth, gaps within the mouth can affect both the health, function, and  the physical appearance of a patient’s smile. Missing teeth can not only make patients feel self-conscious about their smile, but can also make it hard to partake in daily dental activities such as eating, drinking, and cleaning of teeth.

Eliminating years worth of orthodontic work

Aside from the function of a patient’s smile being affected and causing discomfort or even pain, missing teeth can damage surrounding healthy teeth in the mouth. Surrounding teeth can also move into the gap which can unfortunately erase years’ worth of orthodontic work for many patients.

Are Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond suitable for the replacement of multiple teeth?

Yes! Implant dentistry is not only used to replace one tooth, but can also be suitable for the replication of a whole row of teeth within the mouth! Implant-retained bridges are used for several missing teeth and consist of several porcelain crowns attached together.

Help! I’ve lost all of my teeth

Patients who are missing a whole row or even a whole mouth of teeth may disregard dental implants as a replacement option, however two to six titanium screws can be used to replace a large number of missing teeth within the mouth. Denture stabilisation may also be an option for patients who wish to gain independence and stability.

How much do dental implants cost?

Much like any dental treatment the cost of implant dentistry can depend greatly on the severity of the individual case and therefore the number of missing teeth within the mouth, however our dental clinic offers multiple payment options!

Easing the burden of dental fees

At our dental clinic within Richmond we understand that many of our patients may not be in the financial position to pay for their chosen treatment at once, which is why we never ask them to pay the total cost in one lump sum! Despite many patients paying in full at once, many individuals may prefer to spread the cost of their implants over the course of several months.

Is a monthly payment plan right for you?

If our flexible payment option does sound like something that could work for you then feel free to contact our dental clinic. Patients who do wish to spread the cost of their treatment could be looking at paying a minimal amount per month!

Do you need dental implants in Richmond?

If you are an individual who is suffering from one, several, or even a whole row of missing teeth, then you may be eligible for restorative dentistry. Missing teeth can occur for many reasons and may be due to health concerns, or an accident, such as falling off a bike for example. At our dental clinic within Richmond our experienced dental healthcare professionals have lots of experience within the field of implant dentistry which means they are fully qualified to treat cases of all severities.


Are dental implants in Richmond right for you?

Dental implants strive to not only restore the physical appearance of the teeth through the use of cosmetic porcelain crowns, but they also restore the function of the teeth with the implementation of a sturdy implant screw which aims to replicate the root.

How do they work?

Dental implants are essentially tiny titanium screws which are inserted into the jaw. The titanium screws are attached to an abutment (also commonly referred to as the ‘connector’) which supports the custom-made porcelain crown.

How can a missing tooth affect your life?

Many individuals may overlook a missing tooth from within the mouth, but it can affect a patient’s self-confidence, as well as causing mild to severe speech impairments (such as a lisp). In addition to physical disadvantages, a missing tooth can hinder daily dental tasks such as brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking, which can cause discomfort or even pain.

A tailor made dental plan..

At our dental clinic in Richmond we understand that receiving any type of dental work, including dental implants in Richmond, could be considered as a substantial financial investment, which is why it’s so important patients choose the right clinic for them. Every member of our experienced dental team have all completed the necessary training to administer the implants, and adopt a welcoming and professional dental approach.

So what causes missing teeth?

Individuals who fail to maintain a thorough dental hygiene routine, such as brushing adequately twice a day with the use of a fluoride toothpaste, may suffer from a build-up of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth. Accumulation of oral bacteria on the teeth can lead to gum disease which can later develop into periodontitis which unfortunately causes tooth loss. As previously mentioned tooth loss is not only caused by health concerns, but can also happen due to an incident such as being involved in a trip or fall, or in a car accident, to name just a few examples.

Feeling nervous?

Many patients may experience anxiety within a dental environment which is why a reassuring pre-treatment phone call can help patients feel more comfortable. Despite common misconceptions, nerves are experienced by patients of all ages not just children and can be triggered by negative childhood experiences.

What’s the solution?

If you are feeling nervous prior to your scheduled dental check-up or chosen dental procedure then why not get in touch soon? Our welcoming and experienced dental team is ready to allay  any of your queries or concerns to ensure you have a positive dental experience with us.

Harness the power of a full set of teeth through Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond

More than meets the eye


Here at Sheen Dental Implants, it is our aim to educate patients who are living with one or more lost teeth of the potentially damaging effects that this can have on their overall well-being and how they could benefit from Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond. Contrary to what some patients may believe, having a missing tooth is not purely a cosmetic issue. Many patients who have a missing tooth – particularly one at the back of their mouth which may not always be visible – feel that treatment is unnecessary. However, in reality there are several long-term damaging effects of having an untreated lost tooth, which may make the prospect of receiving treatment here at Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond seem a far more appealing alternative.

Problems of a missing tooth

Those who have a full set of teeth, don’t usually appreciate the extent to which they utilise them on a daily basis, and just how much they help. If a tooth is lost, then chewing even simple foods can become far more challenging, and – if food is not properly chewed – it can lead to digestive issues following as a result. Another concern which is faced by many who have a missing tooth is the alteration in the structure of their face. This is due to bone loss around the affected area. As there is no longer stimulation within the patient’s jawbone around the space where they are missing a tooth, the body naturally reabsorbs the bone tissue and disperses it elsewhere. The results of this usually lead to the entire structure of the patient’s face being changed, and can often make them appear far older than they are. This, as you can imagine, does not typically have a positive impact on the self-esteem of patients. These reasons, amongst others, are why we urge those who could benefit from it to speak to our approachable experts here at Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond to seize control of their smiles and oral health.

What does it entail?

Anyone who has made the decision to take action against the troubles of having a missing tooth, and to possibly permanently solve them through dental implant treatment, must first consult with one of our specialists at Sheen Dental Implants. This consultation allows the patient to have any questions they may have answered, and allows the specialists to make their preliminary examination of the patient’s teeth and oral health. Then, provided that there is nothing such as periodontal (gum) disease which may prevent treatment from continuing, and the patient  feels content with the process, the installation of the implant will take place. This involves a short dental operation in which a titanium socket – which will serve as the false tooth’s root – is embedded deeply inside the patient’s jawbone within the gap where they are missing teeth. After this procedure, there is a short healing period during which the bone of the patient’s jaw merges itself with the titanium-alloy root. After this, a prosthetic tooth is fixed onto the root and the space is filled in a way which is almost identical to how a natural tooth would do the job. As such, it is an almost permanent solution and the patient can enjoy all the luxuries of a full set of teeth indefinitely. 

Filling in on how dental implants in Richmond could change your life

Retake control of your smile


Here at Sheen Dental Implants, we understand that those who live with one or more missing teeth can often find day-to-day life to be a challenge. Activities that the majority of us take for granted, such as speaking clearly or eating are often largely problematic and can cause great discomfort. In addition to this, as if to add insult to injury, those who live with one missing tooth or more, often find their self-esteem and confidence to be greatly knocked and many social problems arising. However, here at Sheen Dental we urge all those whose lives could benefit from dental implants in Richmond to seek out the treatment which has the capacity to solve the problem long term and restore their smiles and self-confidence once and for all.

How are dental implants different from other treatments?

Our patients who have lived daily with a missing tooth or teeth often ask us how dental implant treatment differs from other, more common treatments such as dental crowns or bridges. To this, we explain that whilst crowns and bridges are an effective enough way of visibly filling in a gap in a patient’s teeth, they are not as structurally solid as dental implants, as they only address the issue on a superficial basis. Dental implants in Richmond however, solve the issue of having one or more missing teeth at the root, by creating an artificial tooth root which is placed within the bone structure of the patient. As such, it is a procedure which only has to be carried out once to yield practically permanent and effective results which both look and feel exactly as natural teeth ought to, and afford those who seek them all the privileges of a full set of healthy teeth.

What does the procedure entail?

For patients who feel that they could benefit from dental implants in Richmond and wish to begin with the procedure, the first stage in their dental journey would typically be a consultation with one of our experts here at Sheen Dental Implants. During this consultation, an assessment of the patient’s dental health will be made to determine whether or not they are fit enough to carry out the procedure, and the patients can ask their trusted practitioner any questions they may have about the process, timescale or anything of interest about dental implants. Then, if both the practitioner and patient feel willing to proceed, a small dental operation will be carried out during which the patient’s gum is stripped back to the bone – in the space where they are missing teeth – and short holes are made into their jawbone. Into these holes, an artificial tooth root made of titanium-alloy is inserted. As the titanium socket must become fused with the patient’s jawbone, it has to be deeply embedded. Following a healing period which allows the titanium-alloy root to merge with the patient’s jawbone, a replica tooth is then fixed in place onto the root, and therefore the space is now bridged in a way which is exactly how a natural tooth would do it. As such, a patient’s teeth look and feel exactly as they would if they were all natural, and can eat, smile, speak and enjoy their lives to the full – unaltered by missing teeth.

Why should I receive Dental Implants In Richmond?

Patients who wish to receive this particular form of restorative dentistry, a form of dentistry which strives to restore the function and aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, may be suffering from one, or several missing teeth. Dental Implants In Richmond could be argued as one of the most popular forms of tooth replacement for many patients, not just at our dental clinic but worldwide, for a wide array of reasons.


Why teeth should be replaced

Many patients may choose to overlook their gaps within the mouth; however, despite common misconception, missing teeth can cause a multitude of health problems. Spaces between the teeth can be a breeding ground for dental bacteria and germs, which can then develop into more severe oral diseases and infections such as gum disease.

Aside from oral infections, gaps within the mouth can cause patients discomfort or pain when they perform daily dental tasks, such as cleaning, eating and drinking. Discomfort aside, speech impairments such as a moderate to severe lisp may also arise due to a lack of teeth. In addition to the decreased function of the teeth, gaps within the mouth can also cause problems aesthetically, and consequently decrease a patient’s self-confidence.

A natural looking replacement at our clinic

Dental Implants In Richmond are custom made to each individual patient’s dental case. During an initial consultation at our clinic, our dental healthcare professionals will decipher the shade and shape of porcelain crown that best matches your teeth, to blend in with the natural surrounding teeth. Aside from looking natural, dental implants are also unrecognisable in the way they feel within the mouth.

Life benefits

Dental Implants In Richmond are a long term solution to tooth loss, and can last for more than ten years. Aside from their long term durability, dental implants can also help restore the appearance of a patient’s face. Having missing teeth can cause the face to slope, dental implants can prevent this from happening.

Dental Implants are not just used for tooth replacement!

Many patients may be unaware that implants are also suitable for denture stabilisation. Patients that come to visit our clinic may become frustrated with their loose dentures, dental implants may then be suggested by our dental team.

How can denture stabilisation help me?

Dental Implants eliminate the need for dental adhesive, they also allow patients to reduce speech impairment which can be caused by loose dentures.

How it works

In terms of the treatment process, after the initial consultation, a temporary implant is inserted within the jaw. Dental implantology could be considered a major dental procedure, and therefore takes time for the treatment to be complete. The implant itself is a tiny titanium screw which is used to replicate the root of the tooth, once the implant has fused with the bone, a temporary crown can be attached. After the bone and crown has ‘fused’, your long term crown fixture can be affixed!

How long do implants take to heal?

Although each dental case will vary greatly, as a general rule dental implants can take around six to nine months to completely heal.

What are Sheen Dental Implants In Richmond?

Dental Implants are a form of popular restorative dentistry that strives to replace and restore the function and aesthetic appearance of missing teeth. Dental Implants essentially consist of three aspects, one of which is the implant itself.

A sturdy base


Arguably the most important part of Sheen Dental Implants In Richmond are the titanium screws which strive to mimic the natural root of the tooth. Titanium screws create a sturdy base for both the abutment, and the porcelain crown. Dental screws not only support the crown, but also stimulate the natural bone growth, maintaining the health of surrounding teeth.

Unique for you

The porcelain crown is matched uniquely to each of our individual patients. Patients may be concerned about the subtlety of their restorative dentistry, however they need not fear. The replica crown is matched perfectly to the shape of the surrounding teeth, as well as the shade.

Why choose our clinic to perform your Sheen Dental Implants In Richmond?

Picking a dental clinic from which to receive any form of treatment can be hard for many patients. Our dental clinic has heaps of experience, not just in the delivery of professional dental care, but in welcoming our patients. Our dental clinic delivers a high standard of dental care, using both modern and effective materials. The modern dental technology our dentists use ensure our patients receive the best possible dental results they can.

A dental clinic you can trust

Patients who are choosing a dental clinic to receive their dental treatment may base their decision heavily on trusted patient reviews. We believe that testimonials from our happy patients are a credit to our excellent level of dental care.

A wide range of options

Our dental clinic understands that all of our patients’ dental cases differ greatly. Some of our patients may have lost a tooth due to an accident, while some cases may be more severe. Our dental clinic strives to accommodate cases of all severities, this is why we offer implant dentistry for single, and multiple, dental implants.

For patients who are missing multiple teeth

Patients who are missing more than one tooth may be wondering whether they are still eligible for implant dentistry. If you are missing more than one tooth, our dentists may recommend an implant retained dental bridge.

How it works

An implant retained bridge is essentially several porcelain crowns bonded together using a special dental adhesive, which are supported by dental implants. The number of dental implants used depends on the number of crowns required; however, with multiple implants, two or more titanium screws are always used.

How to start your treatment

Patients may be wondering how to start their treatment at our clinic within Richmond. We offer all of our patients the chance to receive a free initial consultation. During an initial consultation patients can discuss the treatment they wish to receive, and any queries and concerns they may have.