A new generation of dentures in Richmond

Dentures get a bad rap: many a comedy sketch has shown them slipping or falling out at an inopportune moment, slurring speech, looking clunky and unreal, or getting stuck trying to a toffee or in an apple. Add this to the need to stick them on with adhesive in the morning, then pop them into a glass on your bedside table at night, and dentures look like high maintenance with not much in return.

However, if you do need to replace your whole set of teeth in Richmond, dentures are the go-to option. Thanks to the wonders of modern dental technology, there is now a way to improve the denture experience.

Dentures in RichmondAt Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond, dentures can be stabilised on dental implants to make them more functional. We call these implant-retained dentures and they have many advantages over the removable kind.

How does it work?

Our dentist will place between two and six dental implants into your jaw. After a healing period of up several weeks, your dentures can be fitted onto the implants, holding them securely in place.

The benefits

  • No more adhesives: implant-retained dentures are secured and so don’t need to be glued in with adhesive;
  • Eat whatever you want: no need to avoid crunchy or chewy foods, on implants dentures can handle any food your natural teeth could;
  • No more keeping your teeth by a cup on your bedside – though you can elect to be able to remove your dentures from the implants for cleaning;
  • Laugh, smile and chat with abandon: your implant-retained dentures in Richmond aren’t going to slip out and embarrass you in social situations, or cause you to slur your speech;
  • Get the feel of natural teeth back: patients who have dental implants tell us that they feel as though they have their own teeth again, with all the functionality of natural teeth restored;
  • Improve your oral health: no more rubbing against your gums as dentures can do, causing soreness and irritation;

Improve the overall look of your face: as dental implants mimic tooth roots, they help rebuild density in the jawbone. This restores the structure of the face, which can start to sag once you lose natural teeth.