All about dental implants

Dental implants are titanium screw posts that are surgically fitted into the jawbone in order to act like a tooth root and anchor for dentures and crowns. They help fill gaps in your teeth due to tooth loss or extraction, making them seem more natural. At Sheen Dental Implants, we work hard to offer you a permanent solution to your missing teeth so we can bring back your beautiful smile.


Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants Richmond have become increasingly popular in recent years and it comes as no surprise as they are essential for a variety of reasons and come with great benefits. Missing teeth can have an awful impact on your self-esteem and make carrying out daily tasks such as biting and chewing food extremely uncomfortable. Dental implants Richmond offers you a permanent solution to your missing teeth problems by replacing those that are lost and making your set of teeth look more natural and complete and restoring their complete functioning.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

One of the most common and obvious benefits of dental implants Richmond is their ability to make your teeth look more natural; this is because the titanium screws are permanently fixed into your jawbone, fusing them together so that they are able to act like a tooth root and allowing the denture that is fitted on top to act like your natural tooth.

Over time, dentures and bridges can experience a decline in their effectiveness due to the shrinkage of your gum, which means more trips to the dentist to get replacements; however, dental implants can last for up to over ten years if they are maintained well. Tooth loss or can cause the tooth root to shrink due to dead space and over time this can change the shape of your face making you appear older; dental implants can prevent this from occurring as they stimulate the bone around them. If you are already experiencing bone loss, the dentist can carry out bone grafts before the implants are fitted in, to restore some of the bone that has disappeared.

What does the process involve?

The process of having dental implants fitted involves a pre-operative assessment; your dentist will carry out a physical examination of your mouth and decide whether dental implants are suitable for you based on the condition of your teeth, jaw, gums, and if you have any health conditions which could affect the healing process. The second stage consists of a bone graft if it is needed, this will restore some of the bone that is lost due to a lack of stimulation so that the implant has something to fuse around it. Finally, the implant is fitted in. This entails the dentist cutting through your gum and drilling a small hole into the jawbone for the implant to be fitted into. Your dentist can place a temporary crown, or denture, on top of the implant during the healing process which can take up to three to six months. Once healed, the final stage involves fitting a permanent crown or denture onto the implant.