Enjoy Eating Once Again When You Discover Dental Implants In Richmond

Eating is for many people one of the most pleasurable experiences they can have. However for those who’ve experienced broken or missing teeth, or are long term denture wearers, eating can be problematic. Just imagine not being able to chew food properly or instead being reduced to a diet of softer foods simply because that’s all your teeth will allow. How difficult would that be? Sadly for many people this is the reality. That is of course until you discover dental implants. In Richmond here at Sheen Dental, many people who have undergone the process tell us that they now have the ability to make healthy food choices once again and in effect have their lives back once more!How come?

dental implants in RichmondUnlike any other form of tooth replacement including dentures and dental bridges, implants (as the name suggests) are placed directly into the jawbone. This means that once in place, they’re completely stable and are never going to move around. Conversely, if we take dentures for example, they’re placed on top of the gum line and glued into position. Clearly this doesn’t bode well if you’re chewing on say…a piece of lean meat or crunching down on a crisp apple. As a result most people remain very cautious about what they eat. In some circumstances this can lead to a poor diet and overall poor health. This can have a knock-on effect on the overall state of a person’s teeth. With a dental implant, people can eat whatever they like without fear of any slippage or breakage of their replacement teeth, and that’s the real beauty of them.

So how long after dental implant surgery can you return to eating normally?

Clearly the amount of implants and the degree of surgery you have will impact greatly upon the time taken for recovery and in turn, normal eating practices. However to give some idea, most dentist state that for those that have undergone surgery, they should expect to be eating normally within 7-21 days. Some a lot sooner. In fact most foods can be tackled within 7-10 days, but a person may want to wait longer before tackling more chewy foods such as nuts, and lean meats .

If you want to be in total control of what you eat once again and long for the day that you can eat with pleasure rather than with a certain amount of caution, then you need dental implants in Richmond. Why not contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendentalimplants.co.uk to discuss your options. Dr Harmit Kalsi and his team are standing by to assist.