Feel empowered and smile confidently with Sheen Dental Implants

A great way to improve your smile and replace loose or missing teeth is through Sheen Dental Implants Richmond.


Our dental team here at the practice are delighted to offer patients this treatment which can help to enhance your smile, boost your confidence, and improve your bite force and digestion.

If you or a loved one is currently struggling with a missing tooth and would like to find a replacement, consider Sheen Dental Implants Richmond. Our dental practitioner is able to colour match and shape the implant to blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth so that the final results are discreet and natural looking.

If you have a noticeable gap in your smile, a missing or loose tooth or even several missing teeth, consider visiting our dental practice. We would be happy to arrange a consultation for you and our dentist can help determine whether or not oral implants provided by us at Sheen Dental Implants Richmond are a suitable treatment for you.

Visit our dental practice for a healthy, happy smile

Here at Sheen Dental Implants our dental team is passionate about delivering healthy, happy smiles for all our patients. We will be on hand to offer support and assistance every step of your smile journey during your implant process. Feel free to ask any questions or seek advice and our friendly team will be happy to assist.

Choose from single tooth implants to multiple teeth implants to suit your smile needs

Did you know that it is possible to choose between having a single tooth dental implant here at our practice as well as having multiple teeth implants? Artificial teeth have really gained in popularity over the last few years and offer a natural-looking dental solution for those patients looking to replace missing or loose teeth in a discreet way.

Dental implant surgery can help improve your speech and communication abilities

If you or a loved one is currently experiencing missing or loose teeth you may find that it has affected your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This is due to the fact that your teeth and tongue work closely together in order to form certain words or phrases. A dental implant is able to help replace teeth in any gaps which in turn can help to improve your ability to speak clearly. This can also help to increase your self-confidence levels and may encourage you to become more socially free due to your improved confidence.

Enjoy an added boost to your self-esteem

In addition to patients enjoying improved communication skills, they can also look forward to a boost in their confidence levels overall. Some patients may shy away from social interaction or work-related events due to having missing teeth. They could feel embarrassed about the state of their smile and tend to withdraw from social settings. Thanks to dental implant surgery, the results are both natural and discreet and can help to enhance the patient’s smile. Patients have been known to smile more freely and confidently and enjoy a boost to their self-esteem in the process.