Getting your teeth into the power of Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond

Shifting smiles

Over the past few years, here at Sheen Dental Implants, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented rise in the amount of new patients who are choosing to take the steps needed to restore their smiles. Never before have this amount of new patients, across all age demographics, taken the initiative to seek out our aid in installing Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond.  Speculation over the rationale behind this resurgence in dental engagement is generally attributed to the increase in the exposure that our smiles now have. With the rise in social media usage, as well as the smiles that are displayed to us on a daily basis through films, media and television, it is thought that more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of their own smiles, and how best they can improve them.


The root of the problem

Whilst the number of new patients seeking out implants from us here at Sheen Dental Implants is steadily rising, there continues to be a large portion of society who still refrain from seeking out treatment. It is thought that more than twenty-seven million adults still live each day with one or more missing teeth across Britain. At Sheen Dental Implants, it is our pride and joy to restore the smiles and dental integrity of those who seek out our services.  We feel it is our duty to inform those who may require dental implant treatment but refrain from doing so, of the power and benefits that implants could bring to their lives. Unlike conventional treatments which are designed to replace teeth such as crowns or bridges, dental implants address the issue of gaps within the patient’s mouth at their root. This is by placing an artificial root within the jawbone of the patient, to allow the replacement tooth to be fused to their jaw in a way which looks and feels like a natural tooth. This artificial root is constructed from a titanium-alloy which is used for its unique ability to fuse itself within bone, and results in the tooth being firmly embedded in the patient’s jaw. Thus, dental implants installed by us here at Sheen Dental Implants are far sturdier and more durable than other methods of replacing missing teeth, and afford our patients all the freedom of natural teeth.

Structurally solid

Another benefit of choosing dental implant treatment is the procedures ability to preserve bone density and not alter the bone structure of the patient. Additional to this, having gaps within your mouth often results in reabsorption of bone tissue, due to understimulation. Implants keep the surrounding tissue stimulated in a way which is similar to natural teeth, and do not result in the facial structure of the patient becoming altered. Those who opt for dental implants through us here at Sheen Dental Implants may find it has a massively positive effect on their oral health and social well being as their ability to chew, speak and smile to their fullest potential is fully restored in a way which will endure for years to come.