How will dentures affect your life?

Missing teeth can be problematic for anybody. It can mean limiting what you eat or it can affect the way you speak. One of the big issues is that it can be detrimental to your confidence. Any replacement option can help to alleviate this as well as give you back the function of your mouth. When you consider the idea of dentures in Richmond at Sheen Dental, your dentist will give you a full examination and then walk you through the process and all you need to know. However, if you are just starting to think about making the change, here are some basics to get you started.

dentures-in-richmondDentures are essentially false teeth that are usually removable. It is possible to have dental implants to fix dentures in place but, even then, they are removed for cleaning and sometimes to sleep. They are fitted so that they work with the motion of you jaw bones to chew, speak and all those normal functions. It will take a little getting used to as they are not fixed in place but as long as they are well fitted and you follow your dentist’s advice then you will be fine. They will give you all the advice you need for your dentures in Richmond at Sheen Dental.

Caring for your dentures

Dentures need to be cared for and cleaned just like normal teeth except you need to take them out to do a thorough cleaning. They need a firm, but not too hard, brushing and then soaking in a denture cleaning solution. This ensures that you get all the debris off and your mouth stays healthy and fresh. You may wish to do this overnight to give your gums a rest and it is important that, while they are not in your mouth, you dentures remain moist at all times.

It is also important to never drop your dentures into the sink or anywhere like that as they will break and need to be replaced.

Your dentist will give you advice and tips and recommend any cleaning solution and equipment you might need. You will soon integrate them into your life and be able to enjoy them as you would normal teeth. We hope you choose to have your dentures in Richmond with Sheen Dental.