The stages of dental implant treatment

If you are considering having dental implants in Richmond, you may be feeling nervous or unsure about the treatment. Dental implants can seem daunting, but at Sheen Dental Implants we believe that by explaining the stages of treatment, we can make you feel more at ease about the process.

Dental Implants in RichmondStart with a free consultation

Your implant journey with us starts with a free consultation. Our treatment co-ordinator will talk you through the process and discuss your options. This will include information about pricing and finance options.

Bespoke treatment plan

Once you have decided to go ahead with dental implants in Richmond, Dr Kalsi will draw up a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. All of the options will be given in detail, as well as final costs.

Treatment starts

In some cases, implant treatment can be started straight away, but many people need some preparatory treatment first. This may be something as simple as a couple of sessions with the hygienist, or it could be more advanced such as bone grafts to enhance the implant site.

Healing and osseointegration

Once you’ve been fitted with your dental implants in Richmond, it’s time to relax and let them heal. The soft tissue of your gums will take around 2 weeks to heal, but the implant itself needs time to meld with your jawbone through the process of osseointegration. The titanium implant encourages bone growth and over a period of 2-6 months, your jawbone will fuse with the implant to make it secure and strong.

Final restorations

After your implant has healed and fused with your jawbone, it’s time for the finale – your restoration. Whether it’s a single tooth crown, a bridge of 2 or 3 teeth, or a full arch of teeth, you can enjoy being able to bite and chew properly once more. You can also smile and laugh with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your teeth are secure.

Looking after your dental implants

Once the restorations are in place, it’s down to you to make sure you keep them clean and healthy. Dental implants aren’t at risk of decay, but gum disease can cause them to fail so it’s important to keep up a good dental hygiene routine.

Anaesthetics and sedation for dental implants in Richmond

You have probably heard about how great dental implants in Richmond are at replacing lost teeth. They work just as well as natural teeth, and once they are in and fused with your jawbone, no one will be able to tell these are not your natural teeth. But what about actually getting them fitted? Is it really that bad? No. At Sheen Dental Implants, we do our utmost to make you comfortable and relaxed during your fitting.

Dental Implants in RichmondPeople seem to think that there is a huge amount of pain involved in getting dental implants in Richmond, but this is simply not the case. There are fewer nerve endings in the jawbone than in the teeth, so getting dental implants fitted can be less painful than, say, getting an infected tooth seen to.

We can easily numb the pain with a local anaesthetic. However, we understand that getting dental implants fitted can be a daunting prospect for some patients, and that is why we also offer sedation.

How does sedation work?

Sedation relaxes you rather than takes away the pain. We offer sedation intravenously or by inhalation.

Intravenous sedation goes straight into your bloodstream through the back of your hand. It deeply relaxes you. You may even go to sleep throughout the treatment, although we can rouse you if we need to talk to you about what is going on. IV sedation will wear off slowly and you will not be able to drive home, so please get someone to collect you after treatment.

Inhalation sedation is much lighter. You breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which you may have come across as happy gas or laughing gas. This will make you feel pleasant and relaxed and suggestible, which the dentist will use to tell you how relaxed you feel and put you even more at ease. You won’t nod off during treatment and the effects wear off pretty quickly afterwards.

You can drive a car after about 15 minutes off inhalation sedation. However, we recommend that you get someone to drive you home after receiving dental implants in Richmond, no matter what kind of sedation you have received.

After the accident knocked your tooth out

It doesn’t really matter how it happened. Maybe you fell off your bike in Richmond Park, maybe you were far away from London, when a wave knocked your surfboard into your face, maybe you were just mucking about with your mates at school. Whatever the accident was, the result is the same. You are now missing one of your front teeth, and while this might be the perfect look if you are auditioning for the part of a medieval peasant, in 21st century London, it’s not so great.

Dental Implants in RichmondFortunately, it’s easy to get that missing tooth replaced with a dental implant in Richmond, when you come to Sheen Dental Implants. And the good news is that, if you choose this method of tooth replacement and you take good care of it, your dental implant will last for at least 15 years and possibly even for the rest of your life.

What is a dental implant in Richmond?

A dental implant is a replacement for your tooth root. It goes into your jawbone during a minor surgery that we carry out under local anaesthetic. Once the implant is in place, it will start to fuse with the jawbone. This is because the implant is made of titanium, which is highly biocompatible. How long this takes depends very much on how quickly you heal. But as a general rule of thumb, the younger you are, the quicker the healing process.

The crowns

One dental implant in Richmond can hold up to 3 teeth, so if you have knocked out a few teeth in a row, you still might only need one dental implant to support the crowns.

The crowns are made of dental porcelain that is sized, shaped and coloured to match your surrounding teeth.

What to expect

Once your dental implant in Richmond is ready to chew on, you can expect it to act just like your natural teeth. You will be able to eat whatever you like and all you have to do to take care of it is to clean it really well twice a day with atoothbrush and floss to avoid gum disease. Your dental implant can’t decay but it can come out if gum disease takes hold.

How tooth loss due to periodontal disease can be restored

If you or a loved one has suffered from periodontal disease and have lost or are facing the removal of one or more teeth, don’t despair, there is a solution. In Richmond, dental implants can fully restore your missing teeth and give you back your smile.

Dental Implants in RichmondWhat is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease starts as inflammation of the gums. Periodontal bacteria live naturally in the mouth, but when they breed in the small gaps between teeth and under the gum line due to a build-up of plaque and possible food debris, this can quickly lead to infection. Gingivitis is the most commonly known infection and is often left untreated because it’s painless. Bleeding gums when brushing is a symptom of gingivitis, and you should see your hygienist as soon as possible if this occurs. Many people avoid hygiene appointments, however, and if you have now contracted periodontal disease, you may well be feeling terrible about the consequences.

Thankfully you can breathe a sigh of relief if you have lost teeth. Richmond dental implants can be fitted by your dentist to restore one, several or even all of your teeth. Dental implants aren’t actually replacement teeth, instead they are an additional extra to ‘false’ teeth. Your natural tooth has a root that anchors your tooth in place within your jawbone. This rooting action provides strength and stability, allowing as much 171 pounds of bite force in the average person’s molar teeth.  Dentures, bridges and crowns alone cannot replace this action, which leads to some of the lifestyle compromises you’d be making when wearing these replacements. Dental implants are a substitute for your root, anchoring your teeth replacements in place and giving them the same strength and stability of your natural teeth. This combination restores the full look and function, so that only you and your dentist will know you have implants fitted.

Dental implants in Richmond require good bone density and healthy gum tissue for them to be successful. Your dentist may need to carry out some preliminary treatment to restore density and remove any infection. Once this is done, they can restore your teeth.

If you would like to know more, contact us at Sheen Dental Implants for a consultation.

Why are dental implants so popular?

Coined by many dentists as the next best thing to natural teeth, dental implants have gained many fans around the world. Dental implants are strong, reliable and sturdy and provide better retention than conventional bridges and dentures.

Dental implants in Richmond are popular for many reasons. If you want to find more about dental implants and see if you are a good candidate, you are welcome to book a consultation appointment with our experienced implant dentists at Sheen Dental Implants.

Dental Implants in RichmondNatural-looking and comfortable

Dental implants are well-liked by a wide range of people for many reasons. These small titanium posts are placed into the jawbone, replacing missing tooth roots. Unlike conventional dentures, dental implants stay firmly in place because they are organically linked with the jawbone. Overall, dental implants fit and function just like natural teeth.

Long-lasting and reliable

Another reason dental implants are popular among adults who wish to replace their missing teeth is the fact that they are long-lasting and reliable. Conventional tooth replacement options like bridges and dentures are effective, but have a short life-span – as a matter of fact, they need replacement after a few years. Dental implants, on the other hand, can last for many decades if you take good care of them and avoid bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking.

A high success rate

Dental implants in Richmond have a high success rate compared with other tooth replacement options. And as technology improves, their success rate becomes even higher.

A better quality of life

Dental implants in Richmond can greatly improve your quality of life, especially if you have been struggling with dentures over a long period of time. Not only do they restore your ability to chew and bite properly, but also enable you to speak more clearly.

Protect your oral health with dental implants in Richmond

Last but not least, dental implants protect the jawbone and enable the regeneration of natural tissue. Moreover, they help restore your jawbone structure by reducing the load on the remaining teeth.

Give dental implants a try

Want to learn more about dental implants in Richmond? We are here to answer all the questions you may have.

Are dental implants in Richmond suitable for you?

We all want to have a beautiful smile, but sometimes life happens. If you are missing one or more teeth, maybe it’s time to consider a viable tooth replacement option. And what’s better than dental implants?

Dental Implants in RichmondAt Sheen Dental Implants, we have been using dental implants in Richmond for many years, providing the best materials and quality care. Dental implants are a very popular treatment but there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before your dentist can decide if you are a good candidate.

Is there enough space in your mouth for dental implants?

Space is an important parameter when planning an implant surgery. Ideally, you should have enough space in your jawbone for dental implants to fuse properly. Our dentists will examine your jawbone carefully and pre-plan your implant sites before the operation for maximum effectiveness.

Are you over 18 years old?

Sadly, dental implants in Richmond cannot be sustained by children or young teenagers. Young children, in particular, cannot have dental implants because their jawbone is still growing and their missing teeth are replaced by new. Placing dental implants would impede the proper development of the jaw.

Diseases affecting dental implants

Potential candidates for dental implants in Richmond should also take into consideration another factor that is equally important. If you suffer from diabetes or heart disease, your dentist will take consider the severity of your case before proceeding to implant surgery. In general, as long as your condition is controlled you can most likely have dental implants. Unstable or undiagnosed diabetes and heart disease, however, can seriously compromise the successful healing of dental implants.


If you smoke, your dentist may advise you against dental implants in Richmond. Smoking contains nicotine and other harmful substances that affect the proper healing of the gums and encourage infection and gum disease. Equally, heavy drinkers may also be refused implant surgery, since alcohol abuse is damaging to dental implants.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women who wish to have dental implants are advised to wait after having their baby because of the medications involved.

Want to have dental implants in Richmond but you are not sure if you are a good candidate? Give us a call today.

Our dental implant equipment

When you visit Sheen Dental Implants for your tooth replacement, we will plan a treatment that is tailored to your circumstances. This might include a number of different techniques and pieces of equipment. We are happy to talk to you about all the process involved in your procedure when you have dental implants in Richmond with us.

Dental Implants in RichmondDental implants in Richmond

The piece of equipment that is common to all tooth-replacement procedures using this method is, of course, the dental implant. It consists of a screw-shaped, titanium base that is designed to mesh with the bone tissue in your jaw. On top of that, there is an abutment which is the eventual site for attaching your prosthetic tooth to the base of the implant. Both of these can vary in size and type depending on what treatment method we use and the conditions in your mouth.

Treatment-planning software

Fitting dental implants in Richmond is precision work. Our ultimate goal is to give you the tooth strength and look that you need with the minimum of drilling. We use high-tech software to plan your treatment so that, when we go ahead, we know the optimum position and angle for each implant. This means that, when they are in place, they will be in the best places to withstand the forces that you need to apply in order to chew any foods that you want.

Bone expansion tools

If you do not have the ideal conditions in your mouth to support dental implants, they can be created in various ways. One of this is by expanding the jawbone slightly using gentle, accurate instruments. These create a broader surface area within which your dental implant can be anchored. This procedure is often teamed with a bone graft to further strengthen and solidify the treatment area.

Your comfort

All of the above, and any procedure we use to provide you with new teeth at Sheen Dental, is undertaken with your comfort in mind. Dental implants are inserted under local anaesthetic. This also applies to any associated procedure. If you have any questions about the sensations you will feel, ask a member of our team for reassurance.

Having confidence in your smile

Your smile can light up your whole face and be a way that your confidence shines through. A chip or a missing tooth can affect the way your smile looks. As a result, it can damage your confidence. Sheen Dental Implants offers different types of implant treatments to suit individual needs providing a competent treatment from our experienced dentists.

Dental Implants in RichmondWhat we offer

As our name suggests, we’re highly experienced in providing dental implants to replace missing teeth. It’s our mission to provide every one of our patients with tailored dental implants in Richmond to restore your smile and ensure a great result. We use a few different techniques to provide implants to suit individual needs.

How are dental implants different?

Dental implants are known to be a modern alternative to dentures, as a way of replacing missing teeth. They are like metal screws that are inserted into the jawbone. The implants are the anchor for artificial teeth. Compared with dentures, they offer a great level of stability, are safe to use and do not affect any other teeth. They work by fusing with the jawbone, and so encourage bone growth.

Will I feel any pain during the procedure?

Inserting screws into your mouth can sound scary, but implants are a highly effective procedure and a method our staff have lots of experience in.

When you choose to get your dental implants in Richmond with us, our dental professionals will work with you to tell you everything you need to know.

To make our patients feel at ease, they are given local anaesthetic so that they won’t feel anything during the procedure. If you’re feeling particularly nervous or anxious about getting dental implants in Richmond, you can also have sedation.

Your consultation

Getting dental implants takes time and effort, and they may not always be suitable for everyone. You’ll be given a consultation at our clinic so that one of our dentists can assess your suitability for having dental implants in Richmond. Depending on your dental health, it may be suggested that you need some treatment before having the implants done, to ensure your teeth are in optimum health beforehand.

Not keen on dentures?

As people get older, it’s likely they’ll experience at least one dental problem. Unfortunately, this can include losing one or more teeth. The common train of thought is to get dentures when this problem sets in. However, if the idea of dentures sounds unappealing to you, the alternative could be getting dental implants in Richmond. At Sheen Dental Implants, we’re a local, approachable and welcoming team offering patients implants at our clinic. We offer different methods or treatment to suit everyone.

Dental Implants in RichmondWhat is a dental implant?

You may have heard of dental implants, but not know what they are. A dental implant is a safe way of getting an artificial tooth. The implant is a screw that fits into your jaw, which one or more artificial teeth can be attached to. We welcome your inquiry if you’re interested in getting dental implants. In Richmond, we can offer an implant to suit your needs, whether you have a single missing tooth or multiple teeth.

Implant procedures

As a private dentist that can provide dental implants in Richmond, our staff have the knowledge and experience to give you the right implant. There are a few techniques used to insert dental implants in Richmond, which have been developed to suit patients needing a single implant or multiple teeth replacements. The technique used also depends on other factors, such as the health of your jawbone.

Bone graft implants

This is used when a patient doesn’t have enough bone in their jaw for the implant to go into. Artificial bone or bone taken from another area is used to fill in the gap, so that the implant can be inserted. Alternatively, bone graft material can be added to a sinus cavity to allow for more density.

Same day teeth

This involves getting both the implants and the teeth fitted in the same day. This technique is common for people with multiple missing teeth or patients who’ve been wearing dentures and would like to change.

Bone expansion

Sometimes, there’s not enough space on the jaw for an implant. In this case, the bone can be widened to create more width and density in the jawbone. Once the result’s been reached, your implant can be placed.

Are you preparing for your dental implants in Richmond?

If your preparing for your implants, you may still need a little reassurance and guidance on next steps and how the procedure will work. At Sheen Dental Implants, we want you to feel fully informed and engaged in the procedure, so here is a guide to support you.

Dental Implants in RichmondWhat you can do to take care of your dental health

As part of your treatment plan, you will have a schedule of any preparatory work required before your dental implant operation can go ahead. Most preparatory work is carried out to ensure your overall oral and general health is optimised. It’s imperative you follow this schedule and ensure you follow any health guidance we have given you. This includes:

  • Making sure you attend all your preparatory appointments
  • Clean and floss thoroughly twice a day. If your gums are sore or bleed, please tell us as soon as possible
  • Take our general health advice seriously, attend smoking cessation sessions or follow guidance laid out for you.

Richmond dental implants procedure

The operation itself is a very simple procedure and only requires local anaesthetic. You may still be worried, so please do discuss this with us. We’re happy to support you if you are nervous, providing extra care and offering sedation if you want it.

During the procedure, we gently create a hole in your jawbone, avoiding the nerves, so it is a relatively painless during and after the operation. We then place the titanium screw into the hole, using a few small stiches to secure the gum. A temporary denture will cover the implant, or we may just leave it to heal, we will discuss these options with you. Your gum and jawbone will take up to 6 months to fully heal, after which we can fit your permanent tooth replacement onto the implant.

Benefits of dental implants

In Richmond, dental implants can give you a new lease of life. Your implant, with its fitting, does not need to be removed for cleaning. You won’t need to remove it at night or for eating and drinking. It will never decay and, as long as you take care of it, it is a long-lasting solution to tooth loss.