Sinus Lifts Explained

When considering dental implants in Richmond, you’ve probably done plenty of research. During this time you might have come across the term ‘sinus lift’ but what exactly is it and why would you have it done in conjunction with dental implant surgery? Let’s take a closer look.

So what exactly is it?

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that prepares the site in your upper jaw area ready for dental implant placement. In order to insert a standard dental implant into the top jaw line, 5mm of bone are needed. If this isn’t present for reasons of bone deterioration or poor quality, then the bone has to be built up. Often when there is significant bone loss in the top jaw, a maxillary sinus can drop into the space where the bone once was. As such the sinus has to be lifted back up into place and new bone needs to be placed to meet the 5mm requirements, ready for implants.


dental implants in RichmondThe procedure

Firstly the patient is given anaesthetic (normally local but sometimes general depending upon the extent of the procedure). An incision is then made into the top gum exposing the jaw bone. The maxillary sinus membrane is then lifted up away from the bone and secured in place by a flap of skin. The area is then refilled with bone and is then closed up. There should be no visible scarring whatsoever.


What about after care?

There is normally a recovery period of around six months before implants can be placed, but this depends heavily on the clinic, your rate of recovery and the type of implants being used. Immediately after surgery the sinus tract and jaw area might appear swollen and this is normal. There might also be slight bleeding from the nose and mouth area. You’ll be strongly advised not to blow your nose as excessive force can damage the delicate process and in addition, you’ll also be given a nasal spray to keep the surgical area moist. The stitches are likely to be removed a few weeks after and your surgeon will advise you on proper after care.

The good new is that although a sinus lift sounds like a lot to put yourself through, it is a relatively straight forward procedure that’s becoming less invasive as new tools are entering the market. These make the process much easier for the patient and will speed up recovery time. If you look on a sinus lift as one step in the journey to having long lasting, natural looking, permanent teeth it really is a small price to pay.

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