Tackling teeth

Comfort complements confidence. It means feeling calm and relaxed without the concerns that can chip at your self-esteem. So when you’re almost there with your smile, but the consequences of missing teeth are still affecting your comfort, something should be done for the oral health and aesthetics of your teeth.

Dentures in RichmondIn Richmond, dentures no longer have to be loose and inconvenient. Losing your teeth can be hard to accept, but it’s even harder when those discomforts serve as constant reminders. It might be that you’ve already gone as far as replacing your teeth with dentures, but they have become loose and irritating. It’s not ideal to be midway through a conversation or dinner and have to worry about your replacement teeth falling out. They should feel just as natural as the ones you lost, which is why dentures in Richmond are being secured to dental implants.

Comfortable and confident smiles

At Sheen Dental Implants, we like our patients to feel happy with their teeth. This means feeling comfortable enough to smile and laugh with friends and family, to eat what you like when you go out for dinner and to speak without feeling self-conscious.

Having the treatment explained to you can help to lessen the nerves. To see if the treatment is right for you, you can visit one of our dentists at Sheen Dental Implants, where you will be welcomed into a calm and friendly environment. This consultation is for you to voice any concerns you may have to your dentist, and they will then thoroughly examine both your teeth and your medial history.

The procedure

If you are considering dentures in Richmond, these natural-looking replacements are sturdy and secure when attached to dental implants. The procedure itself involves placing 2-6 small titanium screws into the jawbone. The implants are left to fuse and integrate with the jawbone over time, until they have healed enough for your dentures to be fixed on top of them.

Having implant-retained dentures makes them more stable during the day, though you can take still take them out for cleaning. In Richmond, dentures are just as important for your oral health as they are for a long-term, confident smile.