The taming of the dentures in Richmond

Good dentures fit your gums snugly. They look like your own teeth. The crowns protrude from gums that have all the subtle nuances of colour and shape of natural soft tissues in the mouth. And, of course, they chew well and stay put on your gums.

Dentures in RichmondWith modern denture-making technology, this form of tooth restoration is now so lifelike that it can be impossible to tell if someone is wearing dentures. At least, it can until the dentures start to lift up when they yawn, or slide around on the gums when they talk. Of course, if the teeth shoot right out of their mouths like that poor 102-year-old lady blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, the footage went viral, no one is going to think your teeth are your own.

Avoid the birthday cake blues

We’d all like to avoid that happening to us, and one way to sort out wayward dentures in Richmond is to get them stabilised with dental implants from us at Sheen Dental Implants.

How it works

We place between 2-6 dental implants into your jawbone, and then over the next few weeks, the titanium implants will fuse with the bone. Once this process is complete, the implants will be held as firmly in place by the bone as natural teeth would. How long this takes varies from person to person, but it is vital to the implant process, so be patient.

The next step is to fix your dentures in Richmond onto your dental implants. This requires a set of special attachments. We can either customise your current dentures, or we can make you a new bespoke set. Once they are in place, you will be able to use your dentures like they were real teeth, perhaps for the first time ever.

About implant surgery

Many people think that implant surgery is really difficult to go through, but this is not really the case. There are fewer nerve endings in the jawbone than in the teeth, so you really only need a local anaesthetic to numb the pain. That said, it can take an hour or two so we are happy to give you sedation to help you relax through the treatment.