Why should I receive Dental Implants In Richmond?

Patients who wish to receive this particular form of restorative dentistry, a form of dentistry which strives to restore the function and aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, may be suffering from one, or several missing teeth. Dental Implants In Richmond could be argued as one of the most popular forms of tooth replacement for many patients, not just at our dental clinic but worldwide, for a wide array of reasons.


Why teeth should be replaced

Many patients may choose to overlook their gaps within the mouth; however, despite common misconception, missing teeth can cause a multitude of health problems. Spaces between the teeth can be a breeding ground for dental bacteria and germs, which can then develop into more severe oral diseases and infections such as gum disease.

Aside from oral infections, gaps within the mouth can cause patients discomfort or pain when they perform daily dental tasks, such as cleaning, eating and drinking. Discomfort aside, speech impairments such as a moderate to severe lisp may also arise due to a lack of teeth. In addition to the decreased function of the teeth, gaps within the mouth can also cause problems aesthetically, and consequently decrease a patient’s self-confidence.

A natural looking replacement at our clinic

Dental Implants In Richmond are custom made to each individual patient’s dental case. During an initial consultation at our clinic, our dental healthcare professionals will decipher the shade and shape of porcelain crown that best matches your teeth, to blend in with the natural surrounding teeth. Aside from looking natural, dental implants are also unrecognisable in the way they feel within the mouth.

Life benefits

Dental Implants In Richmond are a long term solution to tooth loss, and can last for more than ten years. Aside from their long term durability, dental implants can also help restore the appearance of a patient’s face. Having missing teeth can cause the face to slope, dental implants can prevent this from happening.

Dental Implants are not just used for tooth replacement!

Many patients may be unaware that implants are also suitable for denture stabilisation. Patients that come to visit our clinic may become frustrated with their loose dentures, dental implants may then be suggested by our dental team.

How can denture stabilisation help me?

Dental Implants eliminate the need for dental adhesive, they also allow patients to reduce speech impairment which can be caused by loose dentures.

How it works

In terms of the treatment process, after the initial consultation, a temporary implant is inserted within the jaw. Dental implantology could be considered a major dental procedure, and therefore takes time for the treatment to be complete. The implant itself is a tiny titanium screw which is used to replicate the root of the tooth, once the implant has fused with the bone, a temporary crown can be attached. After the bone and crown has ‘fused’, your long term crown fixture can be affixed!

How long do implants take to heal?

Although each dental case will vary greatly, as a general rule dental implants can take around six to nine months to completely heal.