Wondering about dental implants in 2019?

decisions for changes and improvements in the coming 12 months. Having teeth that look great and work efficiently creates a great foundation for living.

It’s amazing how, when they don’t either look good or work properly, it can affect everything we do. We daren’t smile and with every bite we take, we know things aren’t right. So why not make 2019 the year you get really great replacement teeth with dental implants in Richmond?

Dental Implants in RichmondHere at Sheen Dental Implants, our implant surgeon, Dr Harmit Kalsi, is also a lecturer and examiner at the Royal College of Surgeons. You know you are in safe hands when you get your dental implants in Richmond with us.

What’s so great about dental implants?

In Richmond, dental implants give you back the full functionality of your teeth. Once they are in place and have had time to fuse with your jawbone, you will once again be able to eat whatever you like, and you won’t have to spend hours taking care of your implant-retained crowns either.

Your maintenance routine is almost the same as taking care of natural teeth. Another big plus is that your jawbone will stay strong and healthy with dental implants in it.

How dental implants work

Dental implants differ from dentures and bridges in that they are inserted into the jawbone to replace the roots of your lost teeth. Over the next 2-6 months, the titanium implants fuse with your jawbone creating a strong base that allows you to chew with full force.

One implant can hold up to 3 crowns on a bridge and there are clever ways to replace a whole arch of lost teeth with just 4 implants.

Sometimes, people have lost bone size and density, but there are ways to rebuild it using bone grafts, or we can get around lost bone in the upper jaw by anchoring the dental implants into the cheekbone.


A detailed examination will discover what needs to be done to get the implants in place. It’s the start of an exciting journey to give you back your confidence and independence.