Gaps to be filled

Small changes can make a big difference. Losing a single tooth can leave you with a gap in both your life and your smile. It might be that eating hard food is causing you pain or losing your tooth has had an impact on your speech. Over time, the missing tooth can even affect the remaining teeth, causing them to shift and topple into the gaps. Tooth loss is a vicious circle and you might want to stop it from spiralling out of control by getting dental implants in Richmond.

Dental Implants in RichmondAt Sheen Dental Implants, our dentists are in the know about the anxieties that individual patients may have before treatment. In Richmond, dental implants are a safe and viable answer to the dreaded question of tooth loss. It’s hard to anticipate the loss of a tooth, but it’s good to know where you can go and what can be done.

Just like the real thing

Dental implants are small titanium screws that serve as artificial roots. If you lose a single tooth, you will have a single implant. If you lose several teeth, two or more implants will be fitted into your jawbone, depending on what you require. Once the implant has integrated with your jawbone, it secures the natural-looking replacement. These replacement teeth are created just for you by dental technicians, made to match the colour of your remaining teeth and restore your smile. Others will find it hard to notice the difference between your natural teeth and the dental implants.

If you are feeling especially nervous about having dental implants in Richmond, talking about your concerns can be a big help. Our dentists at Sheen Dental Implants will welcome you into a calm and sympathetic environment, so you can feel as relaxed as possible. One of our dentists can talk you through the treatment and even discuss sedation if you are especially concerned about the pain. That way, your nerves can be eased a little more. Although treatment can cause some discomfort, it soon goes away. Then you can get on with the smiling and laughing you might have missed out on for a little while.

Tackling teeth

Comfort complements confidence. It means feeling calm and relaxed without the concerns that can chip at your self-esteem. So when you’re almost there with your smile, but the consequences of missing teeth are still affecting your comfort, something should be done for the oral health and aesthetics of your teeth.

Dentures in RichmondIn Richmond, dentures no longer have to be loose and inconvenient. Losing your teeth can be hard to accept, but it’s even harder when those discomforts serve as constant reminders. It might be that you’ve already gone as far as replacing your teeth with dentures, but they have become loose and irritating. It’s not ideal to be midway through a conversation or dinner and have to worry about your replacement teeth falling out. They should feel just as natural as the ones you lost, which is why dentures in Richmond are being secured to dental implants.

Comfortable and confident smiles

At Sheen Dental Implants, we like our patients to feel happy with their teeth. This means feeling comfortable enough to smile and laugh with friends and family, to eat what you like when you go out for dinner and to speak without feeling self-conscious.

Having the treatment explained to you can help to lessen the nerves. To see if the treatment is right for you, you can visit one of our dentists at Sheen Dental Implants, where you will be welcomed into a calm and friendly environment. This consultation is for you to voice any concerns you may have to your dentist, and they will then thoroughly examine both your teeth and your medial history.

The procedure

If you are considering dentures in Richmond, these natural-looking replacements are sturdy and secure when attached to dental implants. The procedure itself involves placing 2-6 small titanium screws into the jawbone. The implants are left to fuse and integrate with the jawbone over time, until they have healed enough for your dentures to be fixed on top of them.

Having implant-retained dentures makes them more stable during the day, though you can take still take them out for cleaning. In Richmond, dentures are just as important for your oral health as they are for a long-term, confident smile.

Restore your dental capabilities

Losing a tooth can change your life. It feels strange at first, and can soon become a nagging cosmetic issue. The loss of several teeth can cause long-term oral health and hygiene difficulties. At Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond, dental implants provide an effective and long-lasting solution to the problems associated with missing teeth.

Our treatment draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience, leaving you with new teeth that look natural and are fully integrated with your jawbone. Provided you care for them properly, they’ll remain in your mouth for decades.

Dental Implants in RichmondHow to receive dental implants in Richmond

We’re always happy to talk to you about dental implants in Richmond at our contemporary and comfortable practice. At your initial consultation, we can make sure you have sufficient jawbone density, as well as good enough oral health, to receive the implants. There might be a bit of preliminary work for us to do, to bring you up to a suitable standard.

Then there’ll be some minor surgery, during which we place small titanium posts into your jawbone. After a rest, you’ll return to our practice to have the new, customised teeth attached to the posts.

Benefits to your oral health

Dental implants in Richmond can improve your oral health in several ways:

  • The jawbone securely meshes with the implanted titanium, resulting in a strong base for your new teeth. You can bite into and chew your food just like you did with your natural teeth;
  • The new teeth are easy to care for. They stay in your mouth, so there’s no messing about with adhesives or clips;
  • You’ll maintain the integrity of the bone structure beneath your face, and thus avoid the sunken look that can develop after long-term tooth loss;
  • Your smile will be much improved;
  • You might find some words easier to pronounce.

An easier future

It could take a few months to receive your dental implants in Richmond. However, the oral health benefits will last for many years after the treatment is finished. These improvements can add up to a real boost in your overall experience of life.

Options for better denture use

If you have missing teeth, there are a number of ways that we can help you fill the gaps at Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond. Dentures are a trusted tooth replacement method that you can consider.

Why do people choose dentures

Dentures in RichmondWith so many options for tooth replacement in the dental industry today, why do so many people still choose dentures? They are used to replace whole sets of teeth or a partial denture can fill just a few gaps. They allow someone to eat the foods they like, albeit often with the use of some adaptive techniques. They also support the shape of the face. Dentures in Richmond are simple to fit and are usually cheaper than many of the other available options.

Some people wear dentures because they have done so for many years. This does not mean that they cannot improve their experience of their tooth replacement method using some of the methods suggested here.

What are the options for more secure dentures?

These are just some of the ways that you can have a more secure experience of dentures in Richmond:

  • A dental adhesive – some people argue that, if the dentures fit as they should do, dental adhesive should be redundant. However, at Sheen Dental Implants, we think that, if using a dental adhesive makes you feel more secure, you should use whatever method works for you. We can recommend various methods and techniques;
  • A better fit – that being said, if you talk to your dentist about using a dental adhesive, they will also explore the option of reshaping or replacing your dentures so that they feel more secure without support. Long term use of dental adhesive can, in some cases, affect the motion of the jaw;
  • Implant-retained dentures – this is a relatively new solution that can be offered to many denture wearers even if they have had dentures for a long time. This is where dental implants are inserted into your upper and/or lower jawbone and these are used as anchor points for a specially made set of dentures. This offers greater security, a stronger bite pressure and, in many cases, a healthier jawbone that is less prone to deterioration.

How to get dental implants in Richmond

If you’ve decided that you want to get your teeth replaced using dental implants in Richmond, that’s one of the trickiest bits over and done. Now you need to know what practical steps to take to make it happen. That’s where Sheen Dental Implants comes in.

Dental Implants in RichmondWe know that a smooth process can make all the difference when you get dental implants in Richmond. Regardless of the individual variations in your treatment process, whether you need preparatory work or whether you need one, a few or all of your teeth replacing, Sheen Dental Implants can support you.

Step 1 – contact us

When you get dental implants in Richmond with us, we start off with a process of getting to know one another. Sheen Dental Implants gather information from you on the conditions in your mouth, your medical and dental history and details about your life that will help us to build a personalised treatment plan. You then have the opportunity to meet your dental team, ask questions and understand more about what comes next.

Step 2 – preparation

Getting ready for dental implants is a relatively simple process. We can talk to you about whether you need to book any time off work, what foods you will need to buy in for after your treatment and any other steps that you need to take in the run up to the day of your fitting.

This stage may also include any work that needs to be done to prepare your mouth for dental implants. It’s quite common for patients to require extraction work to remove the remains of old teeth. Sometimes we need to add material to the jawbone to build up the required density for dental implant support.

Step 3 – fitting

In order to fit dental implants, the dentist needs to drill a small hole in your jawbone for each one. This is typically done under local anaesthetic in most cases. You should not feel any pain during the process which takes, at most, a couple of hours to complete. Some people prefer to use additional sedation during the process but, if you are feeling anxious and think this might apply to you, we can talk to you about your options.

No more loose and unstable dentures

Patients who are wearing dentures tend to be very happy about their price, but less happy about the effect they have on their teeth. No matter how great dentures can initially fit in a person’s mouth, over time, they tend to become loose and slip around causing unnecessary discomfort and embarrassment.

At Sheen Dental Implants, we have the solution for you: implant-supported dentures in Richmond. Dental implants enable denture wearers to feel more comfortable with their dentures and provide a strong and stable foundation for false teeth that feel and function just like your real teeth.

Dentures in RichmondWhat does the process involve?

If you are interested in implant-supported dentures in Richmond, we will first have to determine whether you are a good candidate. Typically, patients who have lost most of their teeth in the upper or lower jawbone (or both) can be eligible for this procedure.

Our dentists will use a computer to plan your dental implants in strategical position within your mouth, leading to a highly accurate implant placement. Implant-supported dentures require fewer dental implants, which are also smaller in size than regular dental implants.

Your dentist will place them at an angle into your jawbone to ensure maximum stability. Moreover, these dental implants have special mechanisms on top for the dentures to be securely attached. Implant-supported dentures in Richmond can either be fixed or removable.

After the procedure is complete you will need to visit us regularly so that we can check that your implants are fully integrated, and that the denture fits comfortably and securely.

Advantages of implant-supported dentures

Compared to regular dentures, implant-supported dentures in Richmond have many benefits and here are a few of them:

  • No need for messy adhesives
  • Restored biting and chewing power
  • Prevention of bone deterioration
  • No more embarrassing moments.

Do not postpone your visit

If you are interested to learn more about implant-supported dentures in Richmond and whether they are a good option for your particular situation, contact our friendly team today. With years of dental experience, we are here to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable at every stage of your treatment.

Implant options for replacing missing teeth

If you have one or more missing teeth, replacing them is essential for preventing oral health problems. Gaps in your mouth can cause your healthy teeth to start moving, leading to tooth misalignment, bone loss and even further tooth loss. Moreover, missing teeth can severely affect your biting and chewing function. Luckily, there are many ways to address the side-effects of tooth loss and dental implants are one of them.

Dental Implants in RichmondAt Sheen Dental Implants, we are often faced with a situation where one or more teeth need to be removed and replaced. Conventional bridges and dentures can be effective to a certain extent, but only dental implants replace the missing tooth roots. Dental implants in Richmond are strong, sturdy and can last for many years with proper care. More importantly, they look and function just like your real teeth, so you won’t see a difference in your smile.

Dental implants in Richmond come in different types and are very versatile. They can be used to hold a single crown or multi-tooth restorations such as implant-supported bridges and dentures. During your consultation appointment, we will examine your teeth thoroughly, answer all the questions you may have and give you as much information as possible about your treatment options with dental implants in Richmond. Our experienced dentists will then create a customised treatment plan to address your individual needs.

Replacing a single tooth

A gap in your mouth can affect your appearance, but dental implants are here to save the day. Single missing teeth can be easily replaced with a single dental implant and crown. Once the implant is inserted into your jawbone, your dentist will stabilise the crown on top of it with the help of an abutment. This procedure can happen immediately after the operation, if you are eligible for immediate dental implants in Richmond, or a few weeks (or months) after the implant surgery, to allow for proper healing time.

Replacing multiple teeth

If you are missing several teeth or most of your teeth, you can still opt for dental implants. Implant-supported bridges and dentures can support from a few missing teeth to a whole arch.

Do not struggle with ill-fitting dentures in Richmond

Dentures have been around for many years and up to a few decades ago, they were the only option for patients with missing teeth. False teeth have developed in many ways and are now more comfortable and lightweight than ever. However, they still have certain disadvantages, which are hard to ignore.

Dentures in RichmondAt Sheen Dental Implants, we are passionate about dental implants and we have been using them successfully for years. However, we appreciate that not everyone can afford them. For this reason, we offer an innovative tooth replacement method that combines dental implants and dentures in Richmond – denture stabilisation. Just as the name of the treatment suggests, dentures are anchored in place with the help of dental implants. This method is effective, affordable and can prevent bone loss in the long run.

How ill-fitting dentures can affect your oral health

Quite a few denture wearers find that their prosthetic teeth become loose and uncomfortable over time. This is because missing teeth cause the jawbone to gradually deteriorate and shrink. When this happens, dentures become unstable and need to be adjusted. If not adjusted they can cause pain, discomfort, sore spots and inflammation. Adhesive creams will only provide temporary relief and should not be used continuously.

Moreover, regular dentures prevent patients from eating their favourite foods. They even make them feel less comfortable when being in public situations. Last but not least, if not cleaned properly, conventional dentures can cause gum infection.

How can dental implants in Richmond help?

If you have had enough of your dentures, but you do not want to spend a fortune on dental implants, then why not consider implant-supported dentures? In Richmond, dentures supported with dental implants are stable, secure and have the ability to maintain the integrity of your facial characteristics.

Your dentist will install up to four dental implants in your jawbone, upon which your dentures will be securely fastened. Implant-supported dentures are usually removable, meaning that you can take them out during sleep.

However, when in your mouth, they will remain in place no matter what. In some cases, implant-supported dentures can be permanently attached to your gums.

Book your appointment

To learn more about implant-supported dentures in Richmond, contact us today.

The dental implant journey

Starting on the journey of having dental implants can be daunting. In fact, you may feel like not starting at all. Could it be that some other, less satisfactory solution will do?

Dental-Implants-in-RichmondHere at Sheen Dental Implants, we have seen many patients embark on this journey in Richmond. Dental implants simply are fantastic. The patients we treat with this method of tooth replacement are very glad they stuck with it. When you opt for dental implants in Richmond, you can be sure that our team of dentists travelling with you on your journey are experienced and supportive.

Your journey will start with an in-depth consultation. After all, we want to understand what you expect from receiving dental implants in Richmond. Once we know this we can work out the right way to move forward. From then on you will be armed with your treatment plan, a timetable for your journey and a breakdown of costs for the treatment giving you peace of mind and realistic expectations. Whether you would like to replace one, two or even all of your teeth, so long as you have a healthy set of jaws and are over 18, we can help you to achieve wonderful results.

The implant surgery is carried out under local anesthetic, andyes, this is more than sufficient to numb any pain. However, if you are feeling nervous when it comes to treatment, we can give you an intravenous anesthetic.

The reality is that this is a tiring procedure, you will need to allow some recovery time. The next day at least is counted out. Prepare some of your favourite films, snuggly blankets and over-the-counter painkillers for the next 24 hours. You will need to spend a few days eating only liquid food and continuing with the pain relief but before you know it, you’ll be back in to have your beautiful crowns applied to your new implants. These crowns are tailor made to match your teeth. They will look and feel like your own and can last for many long yearsif you look after them with a diligent oral healthcare routine of brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups.

Replacement teeth you can love

It’s hard to get excited at the prospect of having false teeth; there have been that many comedy sketches about them popping out and dancing around on the table, but with dentures in Richmond that are secured with dental implants, you may really get to love your new teeth.

If you are thinking about getting dentures in Richmond for the first time, then you may well be having mixed emotions about the whole thing. On the one hand, it would be lovely to have a mouth full of decent-looking teeth again. On the other, teeth that start to slide around or that aren’t strong and stable enough to cope with eating really interesting food may not be such a bonus.

Dentures in RichmondHowever, there is a way to get the best out of your new dentures in Richmond, and that is by getting them stabilised with dental implants. Here at Sheen Dental Implants, we highly recommend this course of action for those of you whom for either financial or jawbone-health reasons cannot just use dental implants.

Why dentures wobble

Dentures are removable false teeth that get their stability by adhering through suction to the gums. Dental technicians usually go to a lot of trouble to make sure the denture fits well, but you will know how much stability suction can give. Ever tried hanging a wet tea towel of a hook that’s got a suction cap on a tiled wall? At their best, dentures give about 25% of the chewing power of natural teeth, even when they fit really well to the gums.

Unfortunately, as soon as there are teeth missing from the jawbone, and it receives no stimulation from tremors in the now-gone tooth roots, the bone starts to dissolve itself, and very quickly shrinks in size. Gums also recede. This means that over time, your dentures will no longer grip the jawbone as before and that’s when the wobbling starts.

Two to four dental implants per jaw can provide the stability your dentures need at a fraction of the price of normal dental implants. We can either customise your current dentures to go on top or make you a set of new ones.