As Far As Dental Implants Are Concerned Could There Be A Risk Of Rejection?

One of the questions that sometimes crops up during an implant consultation is the question of rejection and whether there is a risk of this happening with dental implants. In Richmond, dental implants are becoming ever more popular so this is a valid question for anyone considering the process.

When people hear the word ‘rejection’ in connection with dental implants it’s most likely that they’re referring to the sort of conditions that can occur in a surgery such as a kidney or heart transplant, where the body rejects an organ. However dental implants fit into a totally different category because although surgery is a part of the dental implant procedure, there is no blood typing or tissue matching involved as in a transplant surgery.

dental implants in RichmondThe body accepts dental implants because they’re made from titanium which is biocompatible. Titanium is incredibly light and strong, is not weakened by body fluids, and absolutely loves bone. In fact, the osseointegration process which is when the titanium implant fuses with the surrounding bone and gum tissue, is a key factor to the success of the dental implant procedure. Without this natural process taking place successfully, then the implant will lose its hold in the gum and fall out. This doesn’t mean the end of the road for the patient. Instead the site will be cleaned and left to heal before a new implant is eventually placed. However, in the main, today’s dental implants are very successful with a success rate of around 95%.

For the 5% that do fail, the cause has more to do with the right selection of patients, ability of the surgeon, and the patient’s commitment to maintaining a high level of oral hygiene. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for a dental implant and those that are likely to be at risk of implant failure are those that smoke and those that have uncontrolled diabetes. Another contributing factor to an implants success is regular dental follow-ups as with any type of dental procedure. Both oral health and the way the replacement teeth bite and function, need to be examined periodically to ensure the longevity of an implant.

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