Bone Grafting – What Exactly Is It And How Does It Help the Dental Implantation Process?

If you decide to opt for dental implants in Richmond, then you might be a good candidate for a straight forward implant with no complications; however for others it isn’t quite as straight forward. In addition to having dental implants they might also need a bone graft.

So what exactly is a bone graft and why is it carried out?

dental implants in RichmondAlthough it sounds quite a complicated procedure a bone graft is in fact a standard procedure whereby tiny amounts of bone are taken either from a bone bank, or from somewhere else on your body and grafted on to the area that the implant is being anchored into. Given time, usually 4-6 weeks, the graft has taken and the implant can then be placed.

For a dental implant to work, it needs to be placed into ample healthy bone. The issue is that more often than not, when a tooth is missing, or in the case of long-term denture wearers looking to switch to dental implants, the jaw bone will have diminished. This means that the person will have insufficient or unhealthy bone in which to attach the titanium implant into. When this occurs the only solution is a bone graft.

The upside is that providing the graft takes, then you’re guaranteed a healthy bone mass and therefore a good start for the implantation process. The downside is that it will probably add another 1-2 months onto the procedure, and then of course you’ve got the added costs too!

Are there any alternatives?

If you do still want implants but don’t want to go through the bone grafting procedure, your implant dentist might suggest mini-implants. As the name suggests they are smaller than normal implants and therefore don’t need quite so much bone mass upon which to anchor into. They aren’t ideal for all areas of the mouth and as a result might not be applicable to your situation but they have been tried and tested over a number of years. Advancements in technology also mean that they’re now considered as good as the standard variety.

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