Teeth Grinding – Is It Just A Bad Habit Or Is It A Real Dental Concern?

There are only a few reasons why anyone opting for dental implants in Richmond wouldn’t be treated immediately, and unfortunately teeth grinding is one of them. For many people, teeth grinding is more of a habitual reflex and affects around 7% of the UK population. It mainly occurs when asleep and just like snoring, the person won’t even realise they’re doing it until they’re told about it by their partner the following morning. So is it really such a big problem, or more of an annoyance to others?

Teeth grinding exerts unnecessary pressure on teeth and in some cases can cause a whole host of dental problems including cracked or worn teeth, receding gums, misaligned jaw and jaw pain. In addition it’s often the cause of a multitude of non-dental problems such as shoulder or neck pain or headaches. It’s easy to see that for a person considering dental implants in Richmond, they run a stronger risk of implant failure than someone who doesn’t grind their teeth. For this reason, the problem needs to be addressed before implants can be fitted.

So what causes teeth grinding?

dental-implants-in-richmondBruxism as it’s scientifically known can be caused by a number of reasons. It could be a habit that the individual acquired as a child that they haven’t managed to eradicate; or alternatively, it could be stress or anxiety related. It can even be attributed to a psychological issue. Other studies also point to over-eating before going to bed and poor muscle control. As you can imagine, finding the cause of teeth grinding mightn’t be straight forward as there are often deep rooted underlying issues which need to be dealt with. That said, there are preventative measures that might be able to help. These include the wearing of a mouth guard while sleeping, the taking of prescription medications and muscle relaxants and stress management techniques.

In essence if anyone is considering a dental implant in Richmond, but suffers from teeth grinding then come and talk to Sheen Dental. We’ll access your situation and from this we’ll determine the best course of action for you. Why not contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendentalimplants.co.uk Remember, prolonged teeth grinding can cause a multitude of problems later on down the line so it’s well worth taking control today and speaking to us.