Eat The Right Foods And Take Care Of Your Smile

You are probably only too aware of the need to take care of your new teeth after undergoing treatment for a dental implant in Richmond, but did you know that the food that you eat can also go some way towards maintaining your healthy implants too? Let’s take a closer look.

Water rich vegetables and fruit

Whilst most fruit and vegetables are good for you in one form or another, many contain vitamin C which although it helps to protect the gum can also attack the enamel of the teeth. Water rich fruit and vegetables such as water melon and cucumber help to stimulate saliva which in turn can help to wash away any food particles and debris before they build up, thus preventing problems to implants and natural teeth alike.

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We’ve already mentioned that too much vitamin C is bad for your teeth, however it is needed in order to protect the gums from infection and inflammation. For this reason fruits such as strawberries and kiwis contain good doses of vitamin C which can help. Just make sure you wash the excess away with water if possible..

Dairy Products

We all know that dairy products contain calcium which is great for bones and teeth, but foods such as milk and yoghurt are also good for neutralising any bacteria which can be harmful to newly placed implants, so in effect you have double protection.


Although not advisable to eat the first few days after undergoing dental implants in Richmond, nuts are good for keeping teeth strong. They’re also a great source of calcium too. Try unhulled sesame seeds if you really want to keep your teeth healthy.

Vitamin B

Any foods containing vitamin B are good for your teeth and gums such as those found in wholegrain, pasta, brown rice and bran. The aforementioned are also particularly good sources of magnesium and iron, which again will help to protect gums and keep teeth strong.

So there you have it, some of the best foods you can have to keep your implants and teeth both looking and feeling great.!

If you use them in conjunction with thorough and proper oral hygiene there’s no reason why your newly fitted dental implant in Richmond won’t last you for a considerable length of time. Thus giving you a hassle-free user experience along the way. Why not contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at to find out more information to help you make an informed dental decision.