Getting dental implants in Richmond for a single tooth

In our modern world, we often don’t have that much time to spend on our appearance. While we can spend a decent amount of time each day in front of the mirror making sure that we look good and presentable to the outside world, it is often too difficult or time consuming to make many radical changes to our appearance even if we’d like to. This presents a problem for many people, especially those of us who may feel insecure about the way we look in some way. It is quite common for people to have some level of insecurity about the way that they look, and this insecurity can arise for a number of different reasons. While many people may have a bit of insecurity about their appearance for arguably small reasons, such as having small blemishes or marks on their face, there are also a good number of us who feel unhappy with our appearance for arguably more noticeable reasons.


One such reason that some of us may have experienced is losing a tooth. Losing one or many teeth is something that can happen for a variety of reasons, including tooth decay and suffering an accident which damages the teeth. It can leave us with a noticeable gap in our smile and can affect our ability to chew, as well as the overall look and feel of our face. Both for cosmetic and health reasons, it is important to look for treatment for a missing tooth. Treatment will vary based on your specific needs, but one really good option for treatment is getting dental implants in Richmond. Dental implants in Richmond can be used to replace a missing tooth and restore a lot of the structure to a face and mouth that has lost a tooth. This article will go through some of the specifics that are involved with receiving this treatment in more detail. In addition, we’ll also take a look at a professional and reliable provider of dental implants in Richmond.

Getting any sort of dental treatment can be a nervous process for any of us. After all, you need to place a considerable amount of trust in your dentist as it is your own mouth that they will be working on! But never fear, because here at Sheen Dental, we are a trustworthy dental practice that you can rely on. We always ensure to treat all of our patients with the utmost respect, and we are confident that we can answer any questions or concerns you have about any of your dental needs.

How they work and how they are applied

Dental implants in Richmond are small screws that are made out of titanium. To begin the process of replacing a broken or missing tooth, one of these screws is placed into the gap in the gums where the broken/missing tooth used to be. After the screw has been implanted, it needs some time to properly fuse with the jawbone around it. Once this is done, a tooth coloured crown can be permanently fitted on top of the screw which will look, act and feel just like a regular tooth. While waiting for the screw to fuse with the bone, a temporary restoration can be used to fill the gap between teeth. This new tooth will stimulate the bone as the patient uses it and will function and feel the same as a natural tooth. The process can also be used to stabilise dentures and bridges.