Replacing all your missing teeth with Sheen Dental implants in Richmond

Our dental health may not always be at the forefront of our minds, but it is something very important. Many of us may be guilty of taking our teeth for granted to some extent, and this is to be expected. After all, we use our teeth so often every day for eating, chewing and talking that it is easy to forget how we are lucky to have a set of functioning, healthy teeth. Furthermore, given how often we use them, it can be difficult to imagine what life would be like if any of our teeth were damaged.

Losing a tooth can make many of the previously mentioned activities such as eating significantly more painful. As well as this, losing a prominent tooth can have a profoundly negative effect on the overall cosmetic appearance of a person’s mouth and smile. This leads to many people feeling a great deal of insecurity when smiling with a missing tooth. While a missing tooth can occur for a number of different reasons, such as tooth decay or having an accident of some sort, it is also possible to lose some or even all of our teeth, especially as we get older. Losing all of your teeth or losing an entire row of teeth (be it upper or lower) exacerbates the problems relating to eating, chewing and talking from losing a single tooth.

No matter how many teeth any of us may have lost though, it is comforting to know that there is a reliable solution to lost or missing teeth. By getting Sheen Dental implants in Richmond, you can get a fixed and solid base for new artificial teeth to replace any and all missing ones. This raises the question, what exactly are Sheen Dental implants in Richmond? And what does it feel like to get them? Before we answer these questions though, we need to think about how we can get Sheen Dental implants in Richmond, and which dental practice we should entrust to perform this treatment for us.

lmplants can be quite a precise and delicate treatment to administer, and it requires the skilled hands of a good dentist to perform it. This is why we are recommending Sheen Dental as the place to go to perform your implant procedure. At Sheen Dental, we pride ourselves on how our implants provide our patients with optimum results. Our track record of delivering excellent dental implants is thanks to our team of experienced implant dentists. They use top quality materials and dental technology to ensure that our patients always leave our practice feeling satisfied.

More information about this treatment

The best way to find out about oral implants is by having a chat with one of our dentists, but to briefly summarise, this treatment uses a set of small metallic screws that are implanted into the jaw, upon which dentures and bridges can be permanently fitted. These screws provide a firm base, and a full, permanent denture can be fit in a patient’s mouth with as few as two screws while a bridge can be fit on four to six implants. For some patients with many missing teeth, it may be necessary to have some bone grafting or a sinus lift performed before having this treatment. After this though, patients can enjoy the benefits of this treatment and receive their implants.