Should you invest in dental implants Richmond?

If you have lost a single tooth because of an accident, this can be a devastating situation. Your confidence can take a tumble and never before were you acutely aware of how important having a full set of teeth is, not only for appearance, but for functionality as well.


Thankfully, there are a few different options available to those people who have an otherwise healthy smile, the most effective and popular being dental implants Richmond. This is because this treatment is long lasting and durable, lasting several decades or more, meaning that if your avulsed tooth occurred at a younger age, you do not need to prepare yourself for repeat treatments as you get older, unlike other methods of replacement where the prostheses deteriorate with age.

If you have lost multiple teeth, either from an accident or due to a health issue, then this also can be a devastating situation. Some people at this stage start to wonder the point in caring for their smile and this can be a slippery downhill slope. There are solutions with dental implants Richmond which can restore your smile to full functionality again, creating a strong bite once more and one that you can rely on.

As you can see, investing in dental implants Richmond is an option for all kinds of people who have lost one, some or even all of their teeth. The core procedure remains the same, but the application can be a bespoke kind, offering a unique way to ensure that your dental situation is treated appropriately and letting your beautiful smile shine forth once again.

How does it work?

When we speak of the core procedure, this consists of a titanium metal spoke which is drilled directly into the jawbone to create a stable and secure bond on which a single crown, a bridge or even complete dentures can be secured.

The reason that we use titanium as our material is because it is known to bond with bone, which enables us to guarantee many decades of use. Over time, your implant becomes one with your body and effectively replaces a tooth root as closely as we are able to, reducing the other negative impacts which are associated with tooth loss.

What are these other impacts we speak of?

Unfortunately, once we lose our teeth, for whatever reason, the jawbone is no longer stimulated as it should be and as a result, it begins to degrade over time. This jawbone loss is responsible for premature ageing in the face, causing your cheeks to appear sunken and drawn. Furthermore, it weakens the hold of your other teeth in your jaw and begins to be the cause of more complications.

It is a natural occurrence; however, by using this procedure and even adding some synthetic or animal tissue to restore what has been lost, in case too much has degraded before the treatment has occurred, then we are able to hold off this degradation and allow you stronger, healthier and functional teeth for longer.