Having your missing teeth replaced with Sheen Dental Implants Richmond

If you have ever suffered tooth loss you will clearly understand the impact that it can have on you that will last long after the event. The effects of which are irreversible by natural means, as adult teeth will not grow back. Losing a tooth is something none of us cares to experience as it is often a painful and messy affair that comes out of the blue in many cases. A large number of the cases of tooth loss in the United Kingdom occur due to a person being involved in some form of accident, be it on the road or in the home.


After losing a tooth or several teeth you may have to make minor changes to the way you use your mouth, as you will probably wish to avoid any discomfort or pain you may be having when carrying out common tasks such as eating. This is something that many people who lose teeth experience.

You will probably make the decision to try and find a way to replace your lost teeth and counteract the loss, but you may be put off by the thought of using a dental device such as a bridge or dentures, as they may not offer you the secure tooth replacement solution you are seeking. However, there may be another solution that you might wish to consider that is available at Sheen Dental Implants Richmond.

Our team of professionals can offer you a restoration treatment that will be fixed in your mouth and will feel completely natural, giving you new replacement teeth. Your new teeth will look and feel just like they were always meant to be in your mouth.

Access to tooth replacement treatment

At Sheen Dental Implants Richmond we wish to make it quick and easy for you to access the treatment you wish to have to replace your missing teeth, our aim is to make your treatment as hassle-free as possible. You will need to attend our dental practice for an initial consultation as this will help us to assess your needs and the suitability of replacement treatment for use in your case. We will be able to lay out a treatment plan for you following the initial assessment that will give you a clear outline of the steps that will be taken to replace your lost teeth.

How we replace a tooth

To begin your treatment we will insert a titanium screw into your jawbone to create a stable foundation for your new tooth to be attached to, this will keep your new tooth securely in place. Your new tooth will be created from a ceramic crown that is also shaped and coloured to match your remaining natural teeth, this crown is then attached to the screw that has been  placed in your jaw.

Your new tooth will be as tough as your natural teeth and you should have no need to be overly concerned about damaging it by use, as these replacements are very hard-wearing.

At Sheen Dental Implants Richmond we are confident that you will be more than happy with any replacement teeth you receive and that they will last you an entire lifetime.