You can replace missing teeth with dental implants

Are you fed up with your tongue finding gaps in your teeth that are only there due to the fact you have lost a tooth or several teeth at some point in the past? Then you should be aware of the fact that with modern dental treatments, you do not have to continue living with the effects of tooth loss any longer than you wish. Having to live with missing teeth may lead to you changing your eating habits or avoiding smiling, especially if you have lost teeth at the front of your mouth. This can lead you to feel that you are not living your life to its fullest.


If you have ever visited a dentist to investigate potential tooth replacement therapies then you may have come across devices that can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or an entire set of teeth, but do not offer you a fixed solution. However, while bridges and dentures can offer many people a perfectly acceptable solution to their tooth loss you may feel that they offer you complications that you are not comfortable living with. You may want any replacement teeth to be fixed in place, as this will make them feel natural and cause you the least amount of extra inconvenience.

With the use of dental implants Richmond we can help you to regain your missing teeth in a way that will feel perfectly natural and will last throughout your life. At Sheen Dental Implants we will help you to gain the restoration you are totally happy with.

The benefits of replacing your missing teeth

Patients who have suffered from tooth loss often report that they struggle to eat tougher foods, as biting and chewing them with the jawbone and fleshy gum is less than ideal, if you experience this then you will understand that this can cause a level of discomfort or pain that you do not wish to feel when eating. Dental implants Richmond are strong enough to be able to cope with the toughest of foodstuffs, this will mean you can start to enjoy foods that were off your menu once more without worrying about experiencing any severe discomfort or pain.

If you have lost teeth at the front of your mouth you may want to replace them so you can start to smile once more with confidence and will be able to do so with the knowledge that you will not be exposing a gap where your natural teeth once were.

Your new teeth will be created by using ceramic crowns that are then coloured and shaped to allow them to perfectly blend in with any remaining natural teeth that will be surrounding them.The material used to create the crowns is extremely hard-wearing, allowing your replacement teeth to cope with the rigours of daily use. Your new teeth will be attached to a screw that will be inserted into your jawbone to create a sturdy base for the new teeth, this will hold them securely in position.

To get your replacement teeth

If you are looking for a fixed way to replace your missing teeth then dental implants Richmond will be the perfect solution that you have been seeking, contact our dental practice to find out more details about this treatment.