How dental implants in Richmond can help you

Losing a tooth can be devastating. It can seriously impact your self-esteem as well as your ability to eat, chew and behave normally. It isn’t until you lose a tooth for yourself that you can fully comprehend the importance of having them.


Teeth are designed to work together as a cohesive unit, so when one or several are lost due to an injury or poor health, remaining teeth tend to suffer as a result. Dentures or removable false teeth are an option for some and in some instances they are preferable, however many of our patients look for more permanent and hassle free options to allow them the freedom they once took for granted with their smile.

This is why we urge you to consider dental implants in Richmond if you have lost one or several of your natural teeth. You can replace your teeth permanently, allowing you the peace of mind to know that your teeth will remain where they are when you need them to. You can enjoy all the foods you once did and there are no strict, special cleaning instructions to follow.

You simply need to ensure that you visit a dentist regularly, as well as a hygienist who can clean the area with specialised tools, to ensure that no infection can take hold at the site. By following general good practices for your oral health, you will find that your dental implants in Richmond serve you wonderfully for many decades to come.

How does the treatment process work?

We need to see you for an initial consultation to make sure that you are suitable for the treatment process. If you have had dentures for a long time, it may be that you do not have enough bone density in your jaw to allow for a secure, strong hold of the implant. If this is the case, then further treatment may be recommended to prepare you for dental implants in Richmond.

If we find that you are not of sound oral or physical health then you may also be advised to improve or control any condition before undergoing this minor surgical procedure.

Should everything be fine, we will take some scans in order to digitally pinpoint the precise prospective location of the implant. With advanced technology, we are able to ensure a more comfortable fit which can reduce the chances of complications, as well as minimise the healing time.

A dentist will surgically place a titanium rod into your jawbone to act as a replacement tooth root. This rod will fuse to your bone over several months, creating a secure site upon which a crown or bridge can be permanently adhered.

A crown or bridge, or in the case of denture stabilisation, entire sets of teeth are then placed onto the titanium rod or rods several weeks after this surgery has been completed. These false teeth are tailor made to match your remaining teeth in shape, size and colour. They will feel and look like a natural addition to your smile.