How to reduce the impact of tooth loss using dental implants

The emotional impact

Having a full, healthy and happy smile can impact your daily life in a highly positive way. But when the smile you see in the mirror and photos fills you with dread, you might begin to avoid taking part in social activities or hide away your once shining smile in embarrassment. The impact of your broken smile may have such a detrimental effect on your self-esteem that your approach to each day becomes altered. This is something that can be avoided on all counts by attending an appointment soon after the tooth loss occurs, followed by using dental implants Richmond as your tooth replacement method. Our team at Sheen Dental are here to help you and work with you to recreate your lovely smile.


Too busy to take time out for a dental appointment with us?

Leaving a gap may seem the easier option, particularly when our lives are all so busy, but it is important to understand the impact of this decision. If a tooth or multiple teeth fall out, whether through accidental damage or tooth loss left unattended, the surrounding teeth can be compromised. This means that further tooth loss may occur as the surrounding teeth can shift from their placement into the gaps created, and combined with the potentially receding jawbone, can lose their stability. Alongside this, a crooked, misaligned smile can form leaving you with more dental problems both in physical appearance and in terms of health. This may all sound a little far-fetched, and although it does not happen in one go within hours of the tooth loss, leaving the damage to essentially heal itself can create many other dental problems which are easily avoided by attending an appointment. This is something we want you to avert, so by working with us we can ensure we all protect your smile.

Are dental implants Richmond suitable for everyone?

Whilst a dental implant Richmond is a very popular method of tooth replacement, in some cases, this would not be the most suitable option. To understand whether this procedure is for you, a consultation with us at Sheen Dental Implants will be organised where a thorough examination of the mouth and a discussion about your options will take place. It may be that a series of digital scans and X-rays are taken as well, to ascertain how suitable the bone structure is around the area, this is of the utmost importance as the jawbone will have the implant fitted into it. Those who are not on top of their overall oral hygiene may also not be suited to this particular tooth replacement method and therefore alternatives will be offered.

Are the implants considered to be a long-term solution?

This particular restorative method can last up to 10 years or more when a high level of oral hygiene is maintained. Similarly to your natural teeth, keeping them clean and healthy is of the utmost importance, so an excellent at-home oral hygiene process combined with regular visits to our practice in Richmond should provide a long-term solution. Your commitment is the key to its overall success.

Getting started

As soon as the tooth loss happens, get booked in for an appointment with us to get the area checked out and then begin to discuss how you wish to proceed. Our dental team will offer advice and various options, but the final decision will of course be yours. Please seek further information and advice on all procedures mentioned within this article to fully understand the processes before undergoing treatment.