Our dental implant equipment

When you visit Sheen Dental Implants for your tooth replacement, we will plan a treatment that is tailored to your circumstances. This might include a number of different techniques and pieces of equipment. We are happy to talk to you about all the process involved in your procedure when you have dental implants in Richmond with us.

Dental Implants in RichmondDental implants in Richmond

The piece of equipment that is common to all tooth-replacement procedures using this method is, of course, the dental implant. It consists of a screw-shaped, titanium base that is designed to mesh with the bone tissue in your jaw. On top of that, there is an abutment which is the eventual site for attaching your prosthetic tooth to the base of the implant. Both of these can vary in size and type depending on what treatment method we use and the conditions in your mouth.

Treatment-planning software

Fitting dental implants in Richmond is precision work. Our ultimate goal is to give you the tooth strength and look that you need with the minimum of drilling. We use high-tech software to plan your treatment so that, when we go ahead, we know the optimum position and angle for each implant. This means that, when they are in place, they will be in the best places to withstand the forces that you need to apply in order to chew any foods that you want.

Bone expansion tools

If you do not have the ideal conditions in your mouth to support dental implants, they can be created in various ways. One of this is by expanding the jawbone slightly using gentle, accurate instruments. These create a broader surface area within which your dental implant can be anchored. This procedure is often teamed with a bone graft to further strengthen and solidify the treatment area.

Your comfort

All of the above, and any procedure we use to provide you with new teeth at Sheen Dental, is undertaken with your comfort in mind. Dental implants are inserted under local anaesthetic. This also applies to any associated procedure. If you have any questions about the sensations you will feel, ask a member of our team for reassurance.