What are Dental Implants in Richmond?

Dental implants are for patients that are missing either one or several teeth within the mouth. Young or teenage patients may lose a tooth due to an accident, such as a bicycle fall, or a car accident. Patients who are below a certain age may grow another tooth, however patients who are older may have to get a form of dental implant to fill the gap within their mouth.

Dental Implants in RichmondMissing one or several teeth within the mouth can cause discomfort within a patient’s daily life. Having teeth missing within the mouth can make daily tasks harder, such as eating meals and brushing your teeth. Having a gap within the mouth can cause surrounding teeth to attempt to move into the space, this can cause the need for further orthodontic work in later life. Bacteria can build up within the space which can cause minor dental health concerns (which may lead to further issues such as gum disease).

Dental implants can come in many different forms, and can vary depending on the patient and their unique dental situation. We suggest that patients arrange an initial consultation with us or another healthcare professional in order to distinguish which dental implant option is the best for them. Patients who only have one tooth missing are likely to have a simple and highly successful procedure, such as a porcelain crown. Porcelain crowns have the advantage of being extremely natural looking, hence why they are a popular choice for many of our patients. Patients who have several teeth missing may need more complicated work, bridges, and dentures are just a few of the options available if you are considering dental implants in Richmond.

Is there more than one type of dental implant in Richmond?

Initial consultations with us can help decide which dental implant option may be best for you. Your dentist will examine your teeth, and may even take an x-ray to help distinguish which form of implant is best suited to you and your dental situation.

Dental implants for one missing tooth

If you are only missing one tooth, a  porcelain crown may be the recommended option. Porcelain crowns have an extremely natural looking appearance and have simple aftercare.  Dental implants are small titanium screws (so small they are less than one centimetre in length) that are inserted into the jaw. Porcelain crowns are then adhered to the dental implant and can be looked after in the same way as you maintain your natural teeth.

Dental implants for several or a whole row of missing teeth

If you are a patient who is missing three or more teeth within the mouth you may be pointed towards a fixed bridge by us. An implant retained bridge is essentially several porcelain crowns that are joined together, and therefore boasts a high aesthetically pleasing appearance. These crowns are placed on a base of two or more dental implants, which creates a stable fixed dental option. Dental implants can take time if they are custom made, therefore you may decide to get a temporary implant whilst you wait. If you are missing a whole row or even several rows of teeth you may decide to get a  denture or an overdenture. Dentures are removed for cleaning and sleeping and can be stabilised using dental implants in Richmond. Whatever your needs in this field of dentistry we will be happy to discuss them with you here at Sheen Dental.