Who are Sheen Dental Implants?

Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond is a fantastic practice, that will help you with everything you need regarding getting dental implants. Dental implants can be a daunting procedure, and due to their permanency and complexity, many people can be reluctant to get the treatment. However, it is our job to make sure that you do not have any troubles regarding your treatment and are as well informed as you can be.

Dental Implants in Richmond

Dr Harmit Kalsi

Our main dentist, Dr Harmit Kalsi, is an extremely experienced dentist, and has a wealth of experience, both in regular dentistry and in implant dentistry. He has also been awarded the Diploma in Implantology from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, which is an extremely rare and commendable achievement. Therefore, Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond is an extremely well experienced practice that should give you the utmost confidence in your dental implant treatment.


Before any treatment begins, there will be a detailed consultation beforehand, to go over all aspects of having implants fitted, and assess for whether you are eligible for the implants. You may also need to have treatments beforehand, so that the implant surgery is as hygienic as possible. Assessing you for your jawbone mass is also essential, as we can determine whether the implants will be a success or a failure. Too little jawbone, and the implants will not be a success, and you may have to reconsider treatment, or consider other options in order to make you eligible.

First steps

Once it has been decided that you are eligible for the treatment, then the process can begin. Once your mouth has been deemed eligible by the hygienist, then the gums are opened in the area where the implant will be. Using a series of drills, a small hole will be created, first with a low spin, then high spin drill, to ensure that the hole is smooth and accurate.

After the hole has been created, the implant will be inserted carefully, so that it is tight, but not too tight. Screwing the implant in too tightly can damage the bone, and even cause necrosis, so it is up to the dentist to skillfully insert the implant.


After the implant has been put in, the gum is sealed back up, and the implant is left in the jawbone. Over time, and depending on patient to patient, the jawbone will grow around the implant, and close around it. The deep grooves on the implant will mean that once the bone has grown around the implant, it will be fused with the bone. This process can take from a few weeks to several months, so it all depends on the patient as to how long the process can take. If you are interested in dental implants as a treatment, but are perhaps unsure of how to get them, or whether you qualify for them, then visit  Sheen Dental in Richmond, and we will be able to give you all the information and guidance that you need.