Why are dental implants so popular?

Coined by many dentists as the next best thing to natural teeth, dental implants have gained many fans around the world. Dental implants are strong, reliable and sturdy and provide better retention than conventional bridges and dentures.

Dental implants in Richmond are popular for many reasons. If you want to find more about dental implants and see if you are a good candidate, you are welcome to book a consultation appointment with our experienced implant dentists at Sheen Dental Implants.

Dental Implants in RichmondNatural-looking and comfortable

Dental implants are well-liked by a wide range of people for many reasons. These small titanium posts are placed into the jawbone, replacing missing tooth roots. Unlike conventional dentures, dental implants stay firmly in place because they are organically linked with the jawbone. Overall, dental implants fit and function just like natural teeth.

Long-lasting and reliable

Another reason dental implants are popular among adults who wish to replace their missing teeth is the fact that they are long-lasting and reliable. Conventional tooth replacement options like bridges and dentures are effective, but have a short life-span – as a matter of fact, they need replacement after a few years. Dental implants, on the other hand, can last for many decades if you take good care of them and avoid bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking.

A high success rate

Dental implants in Richmond have a high success rate compared with other tooth replacement options. And as technology improves, their success rate becomes even higher.

A better quality of life

Dental implants in Richmond can greatly improve your quality of life, especially if you have been struggling with dentures over a long period of time. Not only do they restore your ability to chew and bite properly, but also enable you to speak more clearly.

Protect your oral health with dental implants in Richmond

Last but not least, dental implants protect the jawbone and enable the regeneration of natural tissue. Moreover, they help restore your jawbone structure by reducing the load on the remaining teeth.

Give dental implants a try

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