A look at dental implants in Richmond

We cannot always protect our teeth from the rigours of life, this means they become exposed to hazards that could damage them daily. Add to this the risk of an accident happening that could cause harm to the teeth, and we can easily figure out just how exposed our teeth are. It is no wonder that some people end up losing teeth, despite the fact they may have tried to care for them correctly.


Most people who have suffered from tooth loss would love to find a way to replace the lost tooth or teeth, as they may feel uncomfortable with the feeling of having gaps in the mouth.  Now, modern dental technology makes replacing lost teeth an easier process than in the past.

Sheen Dental Implants are now offering their clients tooth replacements services, that are a perfect solution to the loss, via offering dental implants in Richmond.

They feel just like real teeth

We believe that these implants are exactly what potential clients are looking for, as they create a permanent solution to tooth loss. By offering these dental implants in Richmond we are helping our clients to regain a full set of teeth.

Due to the way these implants are fixed in place they become less susceptible to damage, unlike other tooth solutions such as bridges which are known to crack. Also, they do not move around in the mouth like bridges or dentures, making them a preferred solution for the denture wearer.

The base of the implant is a screw made from titanium, one of the strongest metals known to man, that is screwed into the jawline to form a strong foundation. A crown, that is made from ceramic, is added at the head of the screw to create the new tooth. The ceramic crown is also coloured to match the clients remaining teeth, allowing it to blend in.

Here we are just describing the creation of a single tooth, the process may change a little when looking to replace multiple teeth.

Due to the materials involved in the creation of these implants, they are extremely hard working and should last a client who receives them a lifetime, if cared for correctly. There is also no need to worry about having to learn a new dental care routine, as normal brushing and flossing should suffice.

Adding strength and support to the jawline

One of the common problems associated with the loss of a tooth is a weakening of the bone structure of the jaw, making the teeth around the area of the loss lose support, this may lead to the remaining teeth starting to feel loose. With an implant in place, the remaining teeth will gain extra support, making them feel more secure. The implant will also encourage new bone growth, building strength back into the jaw.

Time to investigate

If you are someone who has suffered from tooth loss you may want to consider having implants inserted into the area of the missing tooth. Sheen Dental Implants are here to offer client expert advice, as we are the leading practice for dental implants in Richmond. Our friendly reception staff are waiting for your call and will be able to take you through the process of booking an appointment for your consultation.

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