I have missing teeth

Missing teeth are a common dental problem that many people face and sometimes, and are unsure of what to do to achieve the best results. If you have a missing tooth, have several missing teeth or even if you have lost the entire set and don’t feel very conscious about your smile. You may find yourself hiding behind your hand or refusing to smile. If this sounds like you then you may be interested to find out about dental implants and how they could complete your smile again. You should read onto the next section to read more about dental implants and what they could do for your smile.


Do I need dental implants?

Dental implants are specially designed to allow you to sculpt your complete smile again. If you have missing teeth then you may want to remedy this through the use of this treatment. Taking care of the gaps in your smile can allow you to impact the overall health of your smile. The implants can allow you to prevent issues with the structural integrity of the face. The implants can also allow you to eat and chew with confidence. Having a complete smile again can give this the self confidence that you have missed. If this treatment sounds like the one for you, you should read on to see how these implants are fitted.

How are the implants fitted?

Dental implants Richmond are fitted in a highly specific manner by a highly trained professional. The implant itself is a small titanium screw that is fitted at the jawbone. The implant is fitted and given time to heal. Blood vessels and gums are encouraged to grow around the implant. This provides an anchor for the new crown, bridge or denture that will be fitted on top. Patients can be assured that they are in capable hands when getting this treatment. You will be well looked after and your pain will be managed. If this sounds like a treatment for you, then you should read on to the next section to discover how you can care for your new implants.

How do I care for the implants?

Dental implants Richmond are designed to look, act and feel like the natural teeth that you have lost. The implants can last a lifetime if they are cared for in the proper way. Caring for your new implants can be done so in the same way of looking after natural teeth. Your dentist will work with you to ensure that you fully understand how to care for your smile to ensure your overall dental health is kept in top condition. If this sounds like the right move for you and your smile, then you should read on to the next section to see how you can go about getting these implants.

What should I do next?

If you think that Dental implants Richmond could be a good fit for you then you should consider getting in contact with us here at Sheen Dental. We can then begin to put measures in place to allow you to sculpt the smile that you always wished you had. You could also have a look at the website to read more about the treatment that is offered. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you achieve your smile goals.