Restoring the stability of your smile through dental implants

Anchoring your understanding


As anyone who has lost one or more of their teeth will tell you, it can be an extremely distressing and problematic experience – especially if no restorative treatment is sought out. Here at our practice, we’ve been providing patients with dental implants Richmond for years, and watching first hand how this incredibly restorative treatment gives patients’ smiles an entirely new lease of life.

However, despite the number of new patients seeking out dental implants from us here at Sheen Dental Implants, there still continues to be a large proportion of people out there who live each day with a single or multiple gaps within their mouths, which have not received the benefit of dental implant treatment.

Why choose dental implants?

One of the most common questions that our expert dental implant practitioners regularly get asked here at our clinic is, why choose dental implants Richmond over cheaper alternatives?.

While we do recognise that treatments like dental bridges, dentures or crowns are mostly significantly cheaper than dental implant treatments – and are therefore more appealing to cost-savvy patients – when it comes to restorative dental treatments you very much get what you pay for.

Traditional treatments for lost teeth, such as those mentioned above, commonly depend on the surrounding existing teeth for support and strength. However, one problem which regularly occurs with these sorts of treatments is that the patient’s existing teeth shift out of place as they attempt to fill the gap themselves. This can lead to a gappy smile, as well as dental discomfort.

When patients opt for dental implants Richmond, however, these problems, amongst others, are all negated, thanks to the procedure’s permanent nature. Unlike the aforementioned treatments for lost teeth, dental implants are firmly anchored within the patient’s jawbone on a permanent basis and are therefore far more comfortable, durable and realistic looking than their more conventional counterparts.

What does the dental implant process involve?

As with all things dental, no two patients ever have the exact same dental makeup. As such, every time we provide one or more dental implants, it is an entirely unique undertaking where we mould our services around the needs of the patient.

Before any course of dental implant treatment can be carried out, the first thing we need to do is establish whether or not the patient’s oral health is up to the standards needed to allow the implant process to be successful. This means that we always carry out an initial examination before starting the implant process to make sure it has the best chances of success. Proving that the patient’s teeth and gums are healthy enough, we may then begin the implant process. This starts with a small hole being surgically drilled within the space where the lost tooth or teeth should be, and where the implant or implants are to be fitted. Within the hole, a titanium alloy screw is placed and given time to heal.

During this healing time, the screw and the patient’s jawbone fuse themselves together, which allows for the prosthetic root to be permanently fixed in place and for the implant to be sturdy and durable.